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Housing advice

Free housing advice

We offer free advice and ways to help you resolve housing problems.

You can contact us if you are:

  • homeless or threatened with homelessness
  • unable to afford the cash deposit required by a landlord before you can move into a property - you may be able to use the North Tyneside Rent Deposit Scheme - this will give the landlord an underwritten guarantee or bond which will cover damage to the property after a tenancy has ended
  • having difficulties with employment or your benefits
  • a private tenant and need information about your legal rights
  • a young person aged 16-25 and need advice about finding somewhere to live

We will interview you, investigate and assess your situation and provide advice and possible solutions. We also offer a mediation service to help resolve conflict at home and find an agreeable way forward for all involved. In some cases we may offer a temporary solution so that you can avoid becoming homeless.

We can also offer information about:

  • the Homelessness Frontline Prevention Fund
  • your welfare and employment rights and benefits - including housing benefits and tax credits, to make sure you receive your full entitlement
  • the Sanctuary Scheme allowing people experiencing domestic abuse to continue living at home in safety - rather than move house to escape harassment

Independent housing advice

You can seek independent housing advice (Monday to Friday, 10am-4pm) from:

Citizen Advice Bureau
Telephone: 0344 245 1288

You can also get advice on benefits, debt and other issues from this telephone number.

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