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Proposed Council Budget Consultation 2018/19


Residents, community groups and local businesses in North Tyneside are being urged to give their views on how the Council will have to reduce spending by up to £37million over the next two years as a result of massive cuts in government funding.

It is so important that we know what people think before final decisions are taken and you can give your views on the draft budget proposals by watching the attached video and completing the online questionnaire.  The council is always willing to listen to suggestions that could help the council achieve savings.

You could also have a chance of being further involved by joining the Residents Panel by emailing

The public consultation on the draft budget proposals for 2018/2019 will run from the end of November to January. The responses will then be analysed and considered before budget-setting decisions are taken by a meeting of full council in February.

First, watch the video


Now complete the questionnaire and find out more

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