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Appeal a school place decision

Appealing a decision

If you're not happy with the response to your application preferences, you can present your case to an Independent Appeal Panel.

Before you decide to appeal, please take the time to consider:

  • the school's admission policy
  • your reasons for wanting your child to attend that school
  • your child’s opinion about what school they should attend
  • how strong a case you have

See the Essential Guide to North Tyneside Schools for information on the appeals process for:

  • Key Stage 1 – Reception Class
  • All other year groups 
  • 6th Form

For academies, trust and voluntary aided schools, the governing body manages pupil admissions.

Any appeals should be made directly to the Chair of the Governors at the school address.

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Education appeals timetable 2017/18

This timetable applies to appeals for admission to community schools in the academic year 2017/18.

Trust schools, Voluntary aided schools and Academies will set their own appeals timetable which will be available on the school’s website

Appeals process
Process Middle and High Schools First and Primary Schools
Offer Day – the day letters are sent out informing parents of the school at which they have been offered a place.
Wednesday 1 March 2017 Monday 17 April 2017
Deadline for the receipt of appeals. Friday 31 March 2017 Tuesday 23 May 2017
Deadline for appeals to be heard. Monday 19 June 2017 Friday 21 July 2017
Appeals will be heard between: Tuesday 2 May 2017 and Monday 19 June 2017 Wednesday 14 June 2017 and Friday 21 July 2017

Appeals in respect of late applications will generally be heard within 30 school days of the appeal being lodged. Appeals in respect of in-year applications will be heard within 30 school days of receipt.

Appellants (the person(s) lodging an appeal) will receive written notification of the date, time and venue of the appeals panel appointed to hear their appeal at least 10 school days before the hearing.

Appellants and the admission authority must provide the clerk to the appeals panel with any documents they wish to submit to the panel no later than 6 working days before the appeals hearing.

The clerk to the panel will send to the panel, the appellants and the admission authority all the documentary evidence to be considered at the hearing at least 5 working days before the hearing.

The clerk to the panel will notify the appellants and the admission authority of the Panel’s decision and the reasons for the decision in writing within 5 school days of the conclusion of the hearing wherever possible.

Contact us

Clerk to the Education Appeals Panel
c/o Democratic Services
Quadrant East
The Silverlink North
Cobalt Business Park
NE27 0BY
Telephone: (0191) 643 5316 or 6435322 or 6435359

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