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Children centre services

Our children’s centres

Our children's centres provide free activities for the whole family. Everything we offer is aimed at giving your family the chance to have fun together, develop skills for school, work and life.

We are open Monday to Saturday, including evenings.

Children’s centre services in Wallsend

We are asking residents for their views on the future location of children’s centre services in Wallsend. For the past year, services have been delivered from Wallsend Customer First Centre due to ongoing maintenance issues at the children’s centre on North Road.

The council is asking parents and carers if they support proposals to deliver children’s centre services from Wallsend Customer First Centre and other community locations permanently.

You can give your views by completing this online survey or at drop-in sessions at Wallsend Customer First Centre on:

  • Wednesday 2 August, 10am-11:30am
  • Tuesday 15 August, 10am-11:30am

The consultation takes place from Monday 17 July to Sunday 27 August 2017. Once the consultation closes, all feedback will be reviewed and the final outcome will be shared on this website.

Joining children’s centres

Your health visitor can give you a membership form or you can pick one up from your local centre. Complete the form and hand it back in.

As a member, you can use any of the children’s centres in North Tyneside.

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Bringing your child up

Being a parent or guardian is one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs.  Providing the care, love, security and support your child needs to develop as a happy, healthy and confident individual is really important.

Most parents and guardians raise families with the support of universal services and do not require additional services. But there are some families who need additional support and others who need intense targeted support for a while.

We provide a range of parenting courses including:

  • The Parent Factor in ADHD
  • Solihull approach to parenting

Parent programme timetable

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Parent programme referral form

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Harbour referral form

Freedom and Pattern Changing Programmes for survivors of domestic violence.

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