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North Tyneside Fostering and Adoption Service

More foster carers for older children and teenagers are urgently needed in North Tyneside. We now have more children and young people than ever before who need a loving and stable home, and even though we've got more foster carers than ever before, the need it still great.

Fostering can be anything from taking a child into your home for one weekend a month, to looking after them on a full-time basis for a few months, or perhaps permanently.

You can contact the Fostering and Adoption Service on (0191) 643 2540 or email

Fostering Information Pack

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Information for young people (aged 6 – 11)

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Information for young people (aged 11+)

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Adolescent Specialist Placement Scheme

The Adolescent Specialist Placement Scheme provides short-term placements to children and young people aged 12+.  The placement offers the opportunity to learn pro-social skills and to interrupt cycles of negative behaviour in preparation for a return to family or to a long-term placement.

The council is urgently recruiting foster carers to this new scheme.  We are looking for people who could make a difference to a child’s life and future, who have the resilience to manage challenging teenage behaviour and can be actively involved in planning and implementing a plan for a young person.

Foster carers should have an understanding of the risks to children and young people including:

  • sexual exploitation
  • sexual abuse
  • substance misuse
  • alcohol use
  • offending
  • lack of pro-social skills
  • aggressive behaviours
  • mental health issues
  • self harm and risk taking

For more information please call Jerry Tremaine on (0191) 643 2540 or email

Andrew's story

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Fostering Statement of Purpose

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Foster Carers Charter

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Private Fostering

Private fostering is when a child under the age of 16 (or 18 if disabled) is looked after by someone who is not a parent or close relative for 28 days or more. Close relatives are step-parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers or sisters.

Why is it important to inform us?

The Loacal Authority has a responsibility to check the suitability of provate foster carers, this involves carrying out an assessmennt on them requiring statutory police checks.

The law states that the local Authority must be notified about such arrangements; this is to ensure the child is happy, safe and protected. Failing to notify us is an offence. If you are aware of such a situation, or have concerns, it is imperative that you make a referral.                                                   

Many people aren’t aware of this requirement; if you know a child or young person is being privately fostered and you think we are unaware please notify us or support the parent/carer to do so.

Children in private fostering arrangements have the same rights to protection and access to services as any other child living within their family home. By contacting us we can make sure the child’s wishes and feelings are listened to and where appropriate offer advice and support. Without oversight children in Private Fostering arrangements can be some of the most vulnerable children in our community.

If you are aware of a child being privately fostered it is your duty to notify the local authority, please contact the Front Door service on 0345 2000 109 or email

For further information on private fostering visit the North Tyneside Safeguarding Children Board website.

Visit the national private fostering website.

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