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Does your child need extra help?

If your child is pre-school

If you think your child is slow in developing or has problems hearing or seeing, contact your family doctor, health visitor, nursery, or someone at your local children's centre. They will help to get you the support you and your child need or refer you to a specialist for an assessment.

If your child does not attend a nursery or school call us on (0191) 643 4151 for further advice.

Visit our Local offer pages for help and advice.

If your child is at school

Your child's teachers will contact you if they have concerns about his or her progress. If you think your child has learning problems, talk to their teacher first. Schools can support and help children who have special educational needs.

All schools have a coordinator who may meet you if your child has special educational needs.

Visit our Local offer pages for help and advice.

Complex special education needs

If your child has complex special educational needs that can't be met by a mainstream school or nursery, you can ask for an Education, health and care (EHC) assessment.


Our specialist team give advice and support to young people and families of children with special education needs.

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