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Air quality

Under the Environment Act 1995 we are responsible for assessing the local air quality. We carry out this assessment by real and proactive monitoring of pollutants and by screening planning projects. The results of air quality monitoring are compared against air quality objectives on an annual basis. The air in North Tyneside currently meets these air quality objectives. We have two operational real time monitoring stations in the borough. They are located at the following locations:

  • East Howdon, Northumbria Sewage Works
  • Wallsend, High Street East

The stations continuously monitor for:

  • nitrogen dioxide
  • particulates

We also monitor nitrogen dioxide with diffusion tubes in 27 locations in the borough, which provide an indicative measurement on the air quality.

If the objectives for air quality were not met North Tyneside would need to declare an air quality management area and would then be required to create an action plans to reduce the air emissions from that pollutant. The  most current annual review of air quality has now been renamed as the annual status report to incorporate the requirements of the Defra Technical Guidance TG16.

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