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Footpath improvements


North Tyneside Council recognises that the condition of roads and pavements is a top priority for residents.

This year (2017/18) around £2.8million is being invested in the borough’s highway network – more than 125 streets will benefit. 

The main types of work are:

  • Footpath replacement - A flagged footpath is replaced with a Tarmac surface. In the long-term this is a more cost-effective solution than a full reconstruction. It enables more of the borough’s footpaths to be improved and reduces maintenance costs. 
  • Footpath reconstruction - The flagged footpath is retained and flagstones are replaced where necessary.
  • Slurry seal - A thin layer of new material is applied over an existing Tarmac pathway to improve its appearance and extend its life.
  • Tree base works - Where tree roots are damaging flagstones, the area at the foot of the tree is extended and covered with Tarmac or new topsoil.
  • Footpath protection - A portion of the footpath is replaced with Tarmac to help reduce the risk of damage from vehicles mounting the pavement. Alternatively, to strengthen the footway, the flagstones are laid on concrete or replaced with concrete.
  • Verge protection – An area of grass that is repeatedly damaged by vehicles mounting the kerb is replaced with either Tarmac or concrete.

For more information about how the council decides which footpaths to improve, please visit the Highway Asset Management section.

Footpath improvements completed

The following footpaths, or parts of them, have been improved so far in 2017/18:

Benton ward: The Oval - new footway; Station Road/Forest Hall shops – bollard installation; Rocket Way – footpath replacement.

Collingwood ward: St Anselm Road – footpath replacement.

Killingworth ward: Great Lime Road – footpath reconstruction.

Monkseaton North ward: The Fold – footpath replacement; Hillfield - tree base works.

Monkseaton South ward: Kensington Gardens – footpath reconstruction.

St Mary’s ward: The Links – footpath reconstruction; North Ridge – footpath reconstruction.

Valley ward: Park Lane – footpath reconstruction.

Wallsend ward: St Peter’s Road – verge protection; Warkworth Avenue - footpath reconstruction and new kerbs; Lilian Avenue – footpath reconstruction; Coast Road – footpath replacement.


Future improvements

The following footpath is scheduled to be improved in the financial year 2017/18:

Benton ward: Burn Avenue - footpath reconstruction (details of underground utility services awaited to enable works to begin).

Cullercoats ward: Hartburn Road - replacement of deteriorating red Tarmac surface with black Tarmac.

Extra footpath investment

North Tyneside Elected Mayor Norma Redfearn has made the improvement of footpaths in the borough one of her priorities for 2017/18. 

An additional £400,000 is being invested in support of this increased commitment. The extra money is being focused on areas of high footfall, such as town centres, and key routes to and from North Tyneside Living older people’s accommodation schemes.

Areas to benefit

The initial programme of works is below (it is expected that further schemes will be added):


Windsor Drive, Howdon (Howdon ward) - rear of 109-113 and side of 109: Replacement of paving and blocks with tarmac, including the replacement of concrete bollards with steel bollards.

Emmerson Place, Shiremoor (Shiremoor ward) - opposite Emmerson Court: Replace existing paving with tarmac and install two DDA crossings.

Grafton Road, Whitley Bay (Whitley Bay ward) – outside school to the junction of Windsor Terrace: Replace blocks/paving in footway with tarmac.

Clavering Street, Willington Quay (Riverside ward) – outside Eldon Court: Replace paved footway with tarmac plus remove the original vehicle access crossing and install a new kerb line.

Feetham Avenue, Forest Hall (Killingworth ward) – outside Park View care home to the junction of Meadway: Renew tarmac footway with timber edging and install four DDA crossings.

Bridge Cottages, Annitsford (Camperdown ward) – from the junction of Front Street: Replace paved footway with tarmac.

Bowman Drive, Annitsford (Camperdown ward) – outside Moorcroft Care Home to Fern Drive: Replace paved footway with tarmac.

Greenway, West Monkseaton (Monkseaton North ward) – junction of Earsdon Road to junction of Eastwood Green: Replace paving with tarmac and grind tree roots.


The Chase, North Shields (Preston ward) – junction of Brightman Road to entrance of Spring Gardens Primary School: Renewal of tarmac footway including new kerb line.

Kingsdale Road, Longbenton (Longbenton ward) – junction of Stoneleigh Avenue to opposite 27 Kingsdale Road: Renew kerb and tarmac footpath plus install four DDA crossings.

West Farm Avenue, Longbenton (Longbenton ward) – outside West Farm residential care home: Replace concrete footway with tarmac.

Brenkley Avenue, Shiremoor (Valley ward) – outside adventure park to outside One To One Centre: Replace paving with tarmac and install new kerb edging.

Longstone Court, Killingworth (Killingworth ward) – rear of 18 to Green Lane footway: Full reconstruction of Tarmac footway.

Bromsgrove Close, Battle Hill (Battle Hill ward) – Battle Hill Drive to rear of 5 Bromsgrove Close: Renewal of tarmac footway

Blanchland Avenue, Wideopen (Weetslade ward) – entrance to library: Renewal of tarmac footway and repairs to pave steps, including supporting brickwork.


Great Lime Road, Palmersville (Killingworth ward) - on bridge outside Palmersville Metro station: Renewal of tarmac footways.

Dudley Lane, Dudley (Weetslade ward) – outside chip shop to outside Spar: Renewal of tarmac footpath.

Kings Road North, Wallsend (Northumberland ward) – junction of Prospect Avenue North to the corner of The Rising Sun pub: Replace paved footway with tarmac.

Completed schemes

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