Disclosure log


The disclosure log displays replies to requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act and the Environmental Information Regulations.

Recently published disclosures

Safeguarding Children
Fleet vehicles owned or leased by North Tyneside Council
EIR2499 Green Spaces and Green Belt land
EIR2515 Tree planting projects
FOI2154 Legal cost and claims
EIR2411 Deliverable Housing Sites
EIR2403 Farm land
EIR2313 Green Spaces
EIR2409 Pollution prevention and control notices
FOI2140 Sport and Leisure budgets
FOI1951 Energy efficiency improvements
FOI 1963 G Cloud in the Public Sector.
FOI 2026 Xmas Lights
FOI 2027 Home Education
FOI 2065 Rubbish removal
FOI2136 Cost of operating the Taxi and Private Hire licensing regime
FOI2134 Disabled Facilities Grants (DFGs)
FOI2158 Tree or Arboricultural
FOI2145 Audio Visual (AV) and Video Conferencing (VC)
FOI2151 Procurement of First Aid Training
FOI2152 Permitted Development
FOI2153 Potholes
FOI2123 Rough Sleepers
FOI2135 Potholes
FOI2144 Football activities
FOI2124 Authority Care and Reablement Services
FOI2126 Children on a care order under s.31 Children Act 1989
FOI2129 IT Tenders
FOI2132 Social Care needs assessment
FOI2102 Gull Control
FOI2099 LAN Contract
FOI2103 Housng Benefits Service
FOI2108 WAN contract sites
FOI2092 Hazardous Chemicals
FOI1890 S.31 care proceedings
FOI2028 Looked After Children
FOI2031 Domiciliary care services
FOI2032 Maintained Schools Attendance
FOI1990 Employee Pensions
FOI2000 Spend on statutory/public notices
FOI1582 Looked After Children
FOI1620 Unregulated social care placements
FOI2077 FOI and SAR
FOI2087 Temporary accommodation and pregnancy
FOI2007 Supported Accommodation
FOI2034 Parking
FOI2016 Highways
FOI2025 Stray Dogs
FOI1961 School Crossing Patrol Officers