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What goes in my bins?

Grey bins (recycling)

Your recycling is collected once a fortnight, on the same day as rubbish collections but at a different time of day, in a grey wheeled bin with a caddy in the top.

Please use the caddy for:

  • glass bottles and jars (no window glass, no pyrex)
  • household batteries (please put them in a small plastic bag on top of the glass)
  • if you've more glass than will fit in the caddy please use your nearest recycling site - or save it until the next collection
  • please do not remove your caddy - for safety reasons it won't be collected unless it is in the bin

You may use the main part of the bin for:

  • cardboard (please flatten)
  • newspapers, magazines, junk mail and envelopes
  • shredded paper (must be in a bag, no black bags please)
  • telephone directories (including yellow pages)
  • catalogues (no hard backs please)
  • plastic bottles, pop, squash, milk, sauces, toiletries, household cleaners
  • drinks cans and food tins (including pet food tins)
  • tetrapaks, e.g. juice cartons
  • aerosols

Please do not use your grey bin for:

  • margarine or butter tubs
  • yogurt or cream pots
  • food trays (from vegetables or frozen/chilled foods)
  • plastic films (cling film, bread wrappers, crisp packets, biscuit wrappers, vegetable wrappings, frozen foods, magazine wrappings)
  • hard plastics (toys, kitchenware, electrical plugs, CD and DVD cases, stationery)
  • textiles

Brown bins (garden waste)

A household garden waste collection service is free to all residents.

Your brown bin is for garden waste only - your bin won't be collected if it's contaminated with other waste or too heavy.

Make sure your brown bin is located in the same place you'd normally leave your refuse bin by 6.30am on collection day.

Use your brown bin for:

  • grass cuttings
  • small tree prunings
  • dead flowers and house plants
  • leaves and weeds

Please don't use your brown bin for:

  • plastic bags
  • plant containers
  • rubble and gravel
  • tree trunks and large branches
  • soil
  • tools
  • food or animal waste
  • pesticides
  • turf

Green bins (waste)

Put your household rubbish, food waste and any items that cannot be recycled in your green bin.


  • we'll collect your rubbish in your wheeled bin once a week
  • collections will be Tuesday - Friday
  • please place your bin at the kerbside no later than 6.30am on collection day
  • make sure your rubbish is in the bin - no extra bags will be collected
  • make sure you don't over fill your bin - if it's too heavy it can't be lifted by the vehicle
  • don't put your rubbish out for collection any earlier than the evening before your normal collection day
  • collections aren't affected by bank holidays except at Christmas and New Year

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