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Update COVID-19

Please find below some important and urgent information in relation to the effect of Coronavirus and how it is impacting on the delivery of the Licensing Service.  These temporary changes have been made to help minimise the risk and spread of the virus and to keep our staff and our customers safe. Please be assured that we are working to deliver our services.

Our priority is to ensure that licence holders and businesses can continue to operate, where possible. We will continue to monitor this difficult situation and this webpage will be kept up to date with all changes, including when normal service will resume.

How COVID-19 is affecting our service

Staffing and Telephones

The service is experiencing reduced staffing levels with officers working from home as advised by the Government. This will unfortunately impact on the services we can offer. It is easier for us to manage the high demand for our services if queries are submitted by email: liquor.licensing@northtyneside.gov.uk
 Alternatively, you can also contact the team on the usual telephone number (0191) 643 2175.  From Monday 30th March 2020 there will be no access to the Licensing Office for any purposes.


Apply for a minor variation* to a premises licence or club premises certificate.

*This includes:

  • minor alterations to the layout/structure of a premises
  • small adjustments to licensing hours
  • removing out of date, irrelevant or unenforceable conditions
  • adding volunteered conditions
  • adding certain licensable activities

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An application costs £89.

Application process

Submit your application form and fee to us.

You must display a notice at the premises for 10 working days after you have submitted your application. You don't have to advertise the variation in a newspaper or send it to responsible authorities.

When we recieve the application we will decide if the application affects any of the licensing objectives and if so, which of the responsible authorities we need to consult.

Will tacit consent apply

No. Tacit consent does not apply to minor variations. We will determine your application within 15 working days.

Failed or refused applications

If your application is refused there is no appeal against this, but you can resubmit an application for a full variation.

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