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Changes to the Council Tax Support Scheme

North Tyneside Council continues to face significant financial pressure as a result of reduced funding from central Government and rising demand for services such as adult social care. As a result, we have to look at all options available to reduce spending and protect the ongoing delivery of essential services.

One of those options is to the review the level of Council Tax Support (CTS) we give to working age claimants. CTS is a scheme that reduces the amount of council tax a person on a low income pays. We can't review the level of CTS for pensionable age claimants as that is set by the Government.

We currently give up to 87.5% CTS to working age claimants. We are considering changing this level in 2018/19 to one of the options below:

1.         Provide the maximum level of CTS of 85% for working age claimants

2.         Provide the maximum level of CTS of 82.5% for working age claimants

3.         Provide the maximum level of CTS of 80% for working age claimants

The level of CTS for pensionable age claimants will remain at 100%.

We would like to know your views on these proposed changes. Please complete the short questionnaire here by Tuesday 14 November to give your views.

The results of the consultation will be discussed by Cabinet in December.

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