Questions & Answers about service closure

We know you may have lots of questions about services and activities now we have closed. We have compiled a list of these frequently asked questions to help you with any queries.



General questions

How long will you be closed for?

This is currently unknown, but we will keep you updated around the timescales for this through the website and social media.


I have just paid for an ease card which I cannot use now, what can I do about this?

We will add the time that you have missed onto your ease card once we re-open.




I pay for a Contours membership, what will happen now you are closed?

Our membership team will automatically freeze any Direct Debit payments for the time that we are closed. If you have paid in full, we will add the months that you will miss to the end of your membership.


I am a North Tyneside Council employee and pay for my membership through my salary, what will happen?

No payment will be taken for the duration that we are closed.


I pay for my Contours membership by standing order, what do I need to do?

You will need to contact your bank to cancel your standing order. We will advise you when you will be able to set this back up.



Exercise classes

I have booked and paid for a class this week, what will happen to my money?

We will automatically carry your payment over to the same class when we re-open.  Alternatively, if you would prefer a refund now please e-mail the centre where you booked your class.



Swimming lessons

I have paid for my child's swimming lessons, will I get a refund?
Any lessons that have been missed will be credited to the next block of lessons when we re-open.

I would like a refund for the lessons that I have paid for now, what can I do?
No problem, if you e-mail the centre where you are booked we can refund your payments and we will remove your child from the learn to swim programme.


I have a block booking every week, what will happen to my booking?
Your booking will carry on as normal once we re-open.

I have booked and paid for a badminton court / football pitch. What will happen to my money?
We will re-book your court once we re-open. Alternatively, if you e-mail the centre where you made your booking, we can arrange a refund.

Party bookings

We have booked and paid for a party with you, what can we do?
We will refund all money paid, please e-mail the centre where you made the booking.

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