Residents panel

Share your views with us

The residents panel is an opportunity to work with us and share your views and experiences on any one of a range of subjects affecting North Tyneside.

It's your chance to have your say and for us to gain a deeper understanding of residents' priorities.

To join or for more information call us on (0191) 643 2828 or Email

What is the residents panel?

The residents panel is:

  • a large cross section of residents from across all areas of North Tyneside.
  • a group of residents willing to work with us to identify local priorities, provide a resident's perspective on services and to comment on council policies plans and strategies

There are panel members from all areas across North Tyneside. Joining the panel is voluntary and you will be contacted annually to see if you wish to remain on it.

Why have a residents panel?

We have a residents panel to:

  • give local people a chance to have a say on local public services and life in North Tyneside
  • gain a deeper understanding of residents' priorities.
  • involve you in our decision making

You will be:

  • part of developing and improving local services and the borough as a whole
  • able to meet new people including other residents, council leaders and staff
  • able to learn more about the issues facing North Tyneside and how we make decisions

What you can expect from us

We will:

  • not waste your time
  • let you know the results of any consultation, how residents views and feedback are used and the impacts it’s had
  • communicate with you in the way you prefer
  • offer a variety of different ways for you to get involved with the panel
  • protect any personal information you give us in-line with the Councils Privacy Policy

When is the panel used?

We aim to continuously engage with our residents and will contact you if there is anything specific that the residents panel members can get involved with. Depending on the project we will either invite all panel members to take part or use a selection. Having dedicated panel members allows us to carry out surveys or other consultation exercises at short notice at a relatively low cost.

How does the panel work?

We invite panel members to take part in consultation - it is voluntary and you can choose not to take part. We understand that residents have certain interests and have busy lives which may limit their involvement. Consultation can range from postal, online or telephone surveys to small focus groups or large-scale events. Following consultation the findings are fed back to senior managers and elected members to inform service planning. Feedback is provided to panel members via a newsletter and is posted on the Engagement Hub.