Coronavirus (COVID-19) latest updates for providers

On this page, you will find information related to Coronavirus (Covid-19) for adult social care professionals. 


For wider information on Coronavirus, please visit our main information page for residents and business.


Please see our new Coronavirus (COVID-19) information page for residents on adult social care support here.

Support for providers

The local authority is supporting care and support providers in many ways.

Two documents below set out that offer, demonstrating the financial support from 19 March to 29 May 2020 and our care homes support plan.

There is also a process in place that enables organisations that deliver adult social care services to claim covid-19 financial support. 

This is for both contracted and non-contracted providers. 

Please see four documents below for further information (Covid financial support – Form A – Form B – Form C)

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Latest update for Commissioned Service Providers

Latest update for Commissioned Service Providers

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Please see our Previous updates for Commissioned Service Providers


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Previous updates for Commissioned Service Providers

Previous updates for Commissioned Service Providers

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Useful information for Commissioned Service Providers relating to Covid-19

Here you will find useful information and links related to Coronavirus (Covid-19) 

Here you can find the latest Government guidance 

The Government’s plan for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can be found here

Government guidance for PPE can be found here

Resource for care homes updated on 15th June

Resource for homecare (domiciliary care) updated on 15th June

Government guidance on how to work safely in homecare and extra care 

Government guidance on how to work safely in care homes 

Government guidance for the admission and care of people in care homes can be found here

Government guidance on the management of staff and residents/patients/customers exposed to covid-19 in health and social care settings can be found here 

Here you can find the latest CQC information


PPE - National Supply Disruption Response

The National Supply Disruption Response can pick up emergency needs and supply small kits.

Providers who have an urgent requirement for PPE, which they are unable to secure through their business as usual channels should contact the NSDR via the 24/7 helpline: 0800 915 9964 (Freephone number in the UK).

The NSDR is focused on fulfilment of emergency requests, e.g. where PPE is required in less than 72 hours.

PPE portal for emergency supplies – FOR SMALL PROVIDERS ONLY

A portal is available to enable some services to order emergency supplies.  This portal is only available to

  • GPs
  • Domiciliary care providers that have 99 or less customers
  • Residential care providers with 24 beds or less

These providers are invited to join the portal and are expected to use it as a top up of PPE only.  Small social care providers can order up to 200 IIR masks, 400 aprons and 800 gloves (400 pairs) per week.

If you are one of the services listed above you can access the portal here 

The Customer Service Team can be contacted with any queries at 0800 876 6802

PPE – local supplies through NLRF

The Department for Health and Social Care are putting in place a new website allowing the health and care system to order from a central inventory.

Until this is in place items of PPE will be delivered to Northumbria Local Resilience Forum (NLRF) so it can support local providers to respond to urgent shortages based on clinical need. This supply will only cover a short amount of time (days).

The PPE stock to Local Resilience Forums (LRF) is to be distributed only where there is a clear and pressing need and in line with the latest clinical guidance - COVID-19 - personal protective equipment (PPE) guidance.

Please note, there is still an expectation that providers will collaborate with each other to assist in the provision of PPE and that the above route is for emergency provision only. The above route should only be used when there is an immediate need.

This PPE is intended to support:

  • Urgent need in vital services, where service providers have explored their usual routes for PPE and there remains an urgent need for additional stock.
  • Those who currently have close, unavoidable contact with confirmed or suspected Covid-19 cases, including highly vulnerable groups. This includes adult social care (including care homes, personal assistants, home care, and supported living), hospices and palliative care, prison hospitals and local authority adult social care services for Covid-19 vulnerable groups.
  • Those that can outline their needs in line with the latest clinical guidance. This stock should not be distributed to organisations who cannot demonstrate that they meet the latest clinical guidance.

Local services should make every effort to redesign services to minimise the number of frontline workers in close contact with symptomatic people.

The following emergency PPE arrangements are in place. For those providers experiencing an emergency problem and needs access to this service can make contact through the following:

In order to request PPE please complete this form.  

The delivery will be shipped with whatever products can be fulfilled (for example, partial fulfilment). The delivery will not be delayed waiting for any additional items to be in stock. Once a delivery has been shipped your request will be closed.

Please note that raising a request does not guarantee that it can be resolved immediately. 

Testing for all care workers working in residential and independent living establishments that provide care for with people with a learning disability, autism or mental health conditions.  

Can access testing through 2 routes:

  • NECS booking system for health and social care staff working in the North East and North Cumbria. 

This is the preferred route as we can also access some testing services offered by our NHS Hospitals which provides a faster result (available within 24 hours) as well as the national testing sites, accessed via  

Testing for any household members with symptoms living with a care worker, that has resulted in the care worker having to self-isolate can also be accessed via the national booking portal  

Testing will be offered at the drive through testing sites, or via local mobile testing sites, or through ordering a postal self-test kit.

Through the NECS mechanism there may also be the offer of a test at an NHS facility.

Arrangements for Residents

All care home providers can arrange testing for symptomatic residents.  This can be arranged by contacting the resident’s GP.

At present due to current testing capacity in Northumbria Health Care Foundation Trust labs, this is only for symptomatic residents.

We are currently working with the CCG and Northumbria Health Care Foundation to have a similar process for non-symptomatic residents and staff. As soon as we have a testing system in place we will update you.

Any resident who is symptomatic should be self-isolating and should be cared for as if they have Covid-19.

  • 14 day isolation for symptomatic residents in settings that care for older people
  • 7 day isolation for symptomatic residents in residential settings that care for working age adults (16-65 years)

Symptoms include ANY of the following:

  • A new continuous cough
  • A high temperature
  • A loss of, or change in sense of taste or smell (anosmia)

Care Workforce app 

The Care Workforce app was launched last week. The app is for care workers and offers access to the most up to date guidance on staying safe, helps workers connect with colleagues across the country and enables access to discounts like those NHS colleagues receive. 

Helen Whately, Minister for Care is urging everyone working in adult social care to download the app.

Market Resource Team


During the coronavirus pandemic, the Adult Social Care service is continuing to care for and support some of our most vulnerable residents who depend on us in the current challenging circumstances.   

As part of our evolving response to the pandemic, Adult Social Care has created a new team to co-ordinate a response to any short-term staffing issues raised by care homes in the borough due to the current sustained transmission of COVID-19.  

The Commissioning Team is in regular telephone contact with care homes who are encouraged to raise any staffing issues they may be currently facing during these calls.  The Market Resource Team will work closely with the Commissioning Team to develop an appropriate response to these issues.

Childcare offer

Information on childcare in North Tyneside is available here

Caring for someone who has had covid-19 and is out of hospital

Please see this short video here that describes how you can support someone that has been discharged from hospital and has had covid-19.