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Our people

Our people will

  • Be listened to, and involved by responsive, enabling services
  • Be ready for school – giving our children and their families the best start in life
  • Be ready for work and life – with the skills and abilities to achieve their full potential, economic independence and meet the needs of local businesses
  • Be healthy and well – with the information, skills and opportunities to maintain and improve their health, wellbeing and independence
  • Be cared for and safeguarded if they become vulnerable


We will know we have been successful when

  • People have the opportunity to influence the significant changes that are taking place in North Tyneside
  • Every child is ready to start school and ready to learn throughout their time in education
  • The gap in educational attainment across North Tyneside is reduced
  • All young people are ready for work and life when leaving education
  • All adults are ready for work throughout their lives
  • People are leading healthy and fulfilling lives
  • Life expectancy is increasing across North Tyneside
  • There is a reduction in the inequalities gap
  • People with care and support needs are enabled to lead fulfilling lives; they are free from abuse, neglect and discrimination
  • However they are supported appropriately if they experience abuse, neglect and discrimination

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