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Young Mayor and Member of UK Youth Parliament election - next steps

The online voting for Young Mayor has now closed,  the four candidates who received the most online votes are:
Amelie Ferris, Harshvardhan Singh, Poppy Arnold and  Suzie McKenzie,  they will go  forward to the paper ballot when voting will take place from 4th March until noon on 6th March to find out who will be North Tyneside’s Young Mayor  2019-20

There will be a paper ballot vote to decide who will be the Member of UK Youth Parliament  for 2019 -20 from the following candidates: Hannah Clarke-McKeran, May Parker-Taylor, Oscar Daniel.

Both paper ballots will take place together in Middle Schools,  High Schools and Colleges for young people aged 11 to 18 years old in   school years 7 to 13. All young voters must live or study in North Tyneside. Young People who attend school outside of the borough can make their vote at the library inside their nearest Customer First Centres