Spa area

Opening times

Monday to Thursday: 9am–9pm
Friday: 9am-7pm
Saturday: 9am-5pm (men only 5pm-6pm)
Sunday: 9am-5pm (women only 5pm-6pm)


This warm water pool features hydrotherapy jets, which massage your body and relieve tension.
The saunarium looks like a sauna but works at much lower temperatures of around 50 degrees c and at increased humidity. This combination creates a feeling of well being and is a proven stress reliever.
With temperatures from 40 degrees c to 45 degrees c and virtually 100 per cent humidity, this intense steam experience is both purifying and detoxifying for the skin.
The salt inhalation room creates temperatures over 40 degrees c and almost 100 per cent humidity and injects eucalyptus and menthol essences into the steam to help clear your sinuses and promote healthy breathing.
These relaxation beds are set at the right heat to promote muscle relaxation and maintain your body temperature between spa treatments.
Low humidity combined with temperatures of 85 degrees c to 90 degrees c, this traditional wood-lined sauna deeply cleanses your skin as your body gets hotter and your pores open. Another great way to de-stress, start off by sitting on the lower benches and progress to the upper levels as you become accustomed to the heat.
Whether you have had a hard day or fancy a treat, relax your feet in this bath and let it massage and stimulate pressure points in your feet and ankles.
Brace yourself - this invigorating torrent of refreshing cold water is refreshing and stimulates circulation. This total body cooler wakes your entire system, while the sudden change in temperature will close the pores of your skin and improve its tone and clarity.