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Have your say with Our North Tyneside Voice

If you sign up to Our North Tyneside Voice (ONTV) you can share your views and experiences on a variety of subjects affecting residents in North Tyneside and help to shape the services you receive.

Our North Tyneside Voice (ONTV)

Once you have signed up to ONTV, which is a confidential database, we will contact you every time there is an opportunity for you to give your views.  This may involve completing a survey or questionnaire, attending a focus group, event or drop in or just doing a quick poll.  We understand that you have conflicting demands so you can pick and choose what you want to get involved in,  there is no obligation.  We will also contact you annually to check that you wish to remain on the database.

For more information you can sign up to Our North Tyneside Voice, alternatively you can call us on (0191) 643 2828 or email us

The benefits of being part of ONTV

It keeps you informed of proposals for change, and it gives you a chance to have a say at an early stage.

It increases your knowledge about the issues facing North Tyneside and how the council makes decisions as well as a chance to meet other residents, council leaders and staff.

It also gives us a deeper understanding of residents' priorities and provides opportunities to involve you in decision making.

How we will feedback

If you sign up to the Have Your Say newsletter we will send this to you every two months.

The newsletter will let you know what engagement has taken place and what difference residents have made, otherwise check out our engagement webpage Have Your Say or, you can give the team a ring 0191 643 2828