Join a library

How to join

It costs nothing and anyone can join. You can join at any of our libraries and your can use your membership at any of them.

When you come along to join, please bring proof of address, for example:

  • driving licence
  • utility bill

There's no charge to borrow books, but there is a charge for other materials like CDs and DVDs. If you need extra time, you can renew your loans in person, by phone, or by using the online catalogue.

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Join online

You can join our libraries online by using the form at:

Online membership last for one full year. This membership gives you access to use our eBook and eAudiobook service through BorrowBox. It will also give you access to our libraries’ online catalogue.

The online joining form requires your email address and date of birth. After completing the online form you will be sent an email that includes your new PIN that can be used to access BorrowBox or the online catalogue.

Once you join online, you can convert this into a full library membership by speaking to a member of staff at any library branch. Full library membership last for four years and allows you access to all online services as well as taking out loans of printed books. It will also grant you access to use our People’s Network computers in the libraries.

Babies and under 8s

We welcome babies and young children to the library. If you want to join your baby or young child, speak to a member of library staff who'll be happy to help.

Under fives who join receive a free book from the Bookstart Bear Club.

Children over 8

It's easy to join the library. If you are aged 8 or over, you can join yourself.

Just come along to the library. Remember to bring proof of address - your parents will be able to help you with this.

We'll give you:

  • your own library ticket
  • a letter to take home which says that you've joined the library

You can use your ticket straight away and borrow items for up to 28 days . You can borrow:

  • books
  • story tapes
  • story CDs

We'll stamp the date that the book or tape has to be returned by on the date label. Remember to bring the books back on time so other people can read them.

If you want to keep them for longer, you can renew them. Come in, give us a call, or use the library catalogue.

If you don't bring your library books back on time, you'll get a letter from us to remind you to bring them back. We won't charge you, but remember there may be someone else wanting to read that book.

When you are 14 you can borrow CDs but there is a charge for these, and you'll get a fine if they are late.