Types of development


There are a number of different types of development, some of these will require additional applications for permission for example advertisement consent and listed building consent.

Please see below guidance on some of the different types of development.


If you wish to extend or alter your property and planning permission is required, you will need to submit an application for Householder Planning Permission, please see submit a planning application for how to do this.

Advertisement consent

Advertisement consent may be required to replace, renew or put up a new sign on your premises/business or land. The Guide to Outdoor advertisements and signs sets out what types of signage require planning permission.

This can be applied for by submitting an application for consent to display an advertisement you can do this online via the Planning Portal.

Change of use

Full planning permission may be required to change from one class use to another, this is called a change of use.

There are exceptions where the legislation allows some changes between uses without the need for planning permission.  For example, A3 (cafe/restaurant) use can change to A1 (retail).

Further details on changes of use and use classes can be found at the Planning Portal, along with information on changes of use which do not require planning permission.

Minor development

Full planning permission is generally required for minor development, these types of development can be anything from a new build or an extension with a floor space under 1000sqm, new dwellings of 10 units or less or a new shop frontage.

The General Permitted Development Order does allow for some minor development to be carried out without the need for planning permission.  The planning portal provides a list of common projects and details about whether planning permission may be required for these projects.


If you are proposing to carry out works to trees you will need to ascertain whether the trees are protected by a tree preservation order or whether they fall within a conservation area.

Before you carry out any works to a tree protected by a preservation order, you will need to obtain consent from the local planning authority.

If you are proposing works to trees located within a conservation area, you will be required to give the local planning authority six weeks notice prior to carrying out any works.

You can do this by submitting an Application to Carry Out Works to Trees, this can be done online via the Planning Portal or you can download the printable forms.

Find out more about tree preservation orders and trees within conservation areas.

Listed building consent

You will require listed building consent if you propose to carry out any alterations to a listed building.  This consent would be in addition to any full planning permission that may be required.

Find out more about listed buildings.

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