Conservation plans, townscape and landscape description

Landscape and Townscape Description

A Landscape and Townscape Character Description has been prepared for North Tyneside. It considers the diversity and quality of the urban and rural landscape character of the Borough.

This provides a source of evidence that can be referred to in developing policies for the Plan and in understanding the potential impacts of proposed development and growth on existing townscape and landscape character.

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Conservation Plan

A Conservation Plan sets out the heritage value of a place and develops policies to guide its conservation, future use and development.

A conservation plan should identify, prioritise and help to resolve any differences in balancing the old with the new. It should provide basic information necessary for decision-making and assist in the overall planning and management of the heritage values of a place.

North Tyneside Council and other partners have developed the following conservation plans which are available on request:

  • Engineering Research Station and Site, Killingworth, Conservation Statement
  • Clifford's Fort Conservation Plan
  • Spanish City Conservation Plan
  • Wallsend Town Hall, Magistrates Court, Fire Station and Public Baths Conservation Plan
  • Tynemouth Station Conservation Strategy
  • The Buddle, Wallsend, Conservation Statement
  • Tyne Pedestrian and Cyclist Tunnel Conservation Plan

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