Report anti-social behaviour

Introduction to anti-social behavior

North Tyneside is one of the safest metropolitan boroughs in the country. The authority has a fantastic working relationship with Northumbria Police and together we strive to make our borough a place where everyone feels safe and comfortable in their own homes and in our public spaces.

To help us keep our communities safe and secure, it's vital that we receive your reports and concerns, these reports will be treat in confidence and an officer will be on hand to guide you through the process of dealing with ASB. Please also view our summary ASB policy and procedure available on this webpage.

To report anti-social behaviour:

  • Come in and talk to us
  • Call us on 0345 2000101
  • Call the police non-emergency hotline on 101 (In an emergency always call 999) 
  • Use one of the forms below

Our policy

Here you can read our summary statement of our ASB policy.

To request a full copy of our ASB policy and procedure please email

Our ASB policy and procedure is currently under review.

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Community Protection Team

Our Community Protection team lead on complex cases of ASB. Their work is both enforcement and preventative based they also take enforcement action through its legal process. The team work closely with key partners such as;

  • Northumbria Police
  • Elected Members
  • Youth Offending
  • Tyne and Wear Fire Brigade
  • Local schools
  • and many more

Follow our work on social media

The Community Protection Team are now on Twitter, there will be regular updates on work going on in your community

Follow us: NTC_ASBTEAM

What's crime like in my area ?

North Tyneside Council works hard to have a positive effect on dealing with crime in the borough . If you want to know more about crime and policing in your area check out this link

Report it

Reporting the incidents to us is the first step to hopefully finding a suitable resolution to your concerns, filling the form in and including your contact details means that the investigating officer can work closely with you  and keep you updated with progress.

If we receive an anonymous complaint of anti-social behaviour, we shall investigate where possible. However we could be limited to what action we can take as we may require additional information, nor shall we be able to provide any feedback to the complainant. 

If contact details are provided, we will not disclose this information without explicit permission from the complainant. We will respond within three working days explaining any actions that we may take and offering advice where appropriate.

Would you like to supply your details?
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By supplying contact details you accept the council may contact you regarding this matter. Your personal details will not be passed on to any third party without your consent.

How to use the Community Trigger

The community trigger helps victims of anti-social behaviour to force action on their issues.

Have you:

  • reported the same anti-social behaviour before?
  • not been satisfied with our response?
  • feel that no action has been taken?

You can make sure the council, police, local health teams and housing agencies work together to review and deal with your issue.

Complete the form below. You can also submit this form on behalf of the victim if you have their consent.

You'll receive a letter confirming:

  • your request has been received
  • your case is being reviewed
  • what the next steps are
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