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Report anti-social behaviour


Everyone is entitled to feel safe in a comfortable and secure environment.

To report anti-social behaviour:

  • call the non-emergency hotline on 101 (In an emergency always call 999) 
  • or use one of the forms below

Tell us about anti-social behaviour

If we receive an anonymous complaint of anti-social behaviour, we shall investigate where possible. However we could be limited to what action we can take as we may require additional information, nor shall we be able to provide any feedback to the complainant. 

If contact details are provided, we will not disclose this information without explicit permission from the complainant. We will respond within three working days explaining any actions that we may take and offering advice where appropriate.

Would you like to supply your details?
Your details (optional)
About the incident
Please provide as much detail as possible including how often. Describe what happened and explain how it has affected you and your family.

By supplying contact details you accept the council may contact you regarding this matter. Your personal details will not be passed on to any third party without your consent.

Persistent anti-social behaviour and the Community Trigger

The community trigger helps victims of anti-social behaviour to force action on their issues.

Have you:

  • reported the same anti-social behaviour before?
  • not been satisfied with our response?
  • feel that no action has been taken?

You can make sure the council, police, local health teams and housing agencies work together to review and deal with your issue.

Complete the form below. You can also submit this form on behalf of the victim if you have their consent.

You'll receive a letter confirming:

  • your request has been received
  • your case is being reviewed
  • what the next steps are
Your details
Which of the following describes your situation?
Tell us about the incidents in question
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Incident 3
Details of the hate crime you reported
Equality monitoring

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