Signs of Safety

What is Signs of Safety?

In 2017 North Tyneside Children's Services started to use Signs of Safety in the way that we work with children and their families.  From our early help services through to health visitors, schools, and children's social work teams, all the workers have signs of safety in mind when they are working with families. Signs of Safety practice started in Australia and is being used in many countries now.  We believe that this way of practice fits our ambitions of how we want to work with families.  We know that parents want the best for their children and they want to keep their children safe, but there are times when this can be more difficult to do.


Signs of Safety is about parents/carers, children and their network (the people they trust) working together so that their children can be safe and well.  Rather than professionals like social workers, teachers or health visitors having all the answers or telling parents/carers what they should do, Signs of Safety helps us to recognise that families and their networks are the experts in their lives and this way of working helps us all to put children at the heart of assessments and planning.

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