A189 Salters' Lane Improvement Scheme


In 2019, North Tyneside Council's strategic partner Capita carried out major improvements on the A189 Salters’ Lane corridor.

Funded by the Department for Transport, the scheme provides a range of benefits:

  • Provision of a continuous footpath and cycle way along the entire length of Salters’ Lane. This improves safety for pedestrians and cyclists, and gives cyclists an uninterrupted route, linking into Newcastle City Council’s ‘cycle city’ network.
  • Improved bus prioritisation along the A189 corridor into Newcastle. 

As the Council completed the original scheme under budget, further improvements were carried out at the beginning of 2020. This included the installation of a shared path just north of Heathery Lane and a toucan crossing near Gosforth Nature Reserve.


Pictures of the A189 Salters' Lane Improvement Scheme.

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Are there plans to complete the sustainable travel link to West Moor?

Improvements will be made to the A188/A189 junction, locally known as “West Moor” or “Findus roundabout”, however, we do not currently have a start date. 

These include the creation of a shared footpath/cycleway from the B1505 West Moor arm. Safe crossing points will also be introduced on the roundabout for pedestrians and cyclists to access the south side of the A189 Salters’ Lane. 

In the meantime, the Council has installed a dropped kerb at the northern most point of the new cycleway on Salters’ Ln. This will be a temporary solution until works at the West Moor roundabout get under way.

Cyclists will also be able to make use of the newly-installed toucan crossing near Gosforth Nature Reserve.