School closures

Schools try to stay open whenever possible to avoid disrupting pupils’ education. It is the head teacher’s decision to keep a school open or not, and it is not a decision that is taken lightly. Before they make their decision they take great care to consider all issues including supplies to the building (heating, electricity etc), access to the school and the number of teachers and other staff who can get into work. All of this is with pupils’ and staff safety as a priority.

It is not always possible to make decisions about closures in advance, as head teachers may not have all of the information they need until on the day. The school and the council let parents and carers know about closures as soon as the decision is made.

If it is necessary to close schools and nurseries in North Tyneside, we will provide a list of the affected schools here. Please also check the websites and social media pages of your school or nursery for the latest information.

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