All roadworks that take place on a publicly maintainable highway need a permit.

However, works on private streets do not require a permit although permission should be sought from the street owner before any works take place.

The permit scheme provides greater control over how and when roadworks will be carried out on the local highway network; this will also assist in -

  • Reduce occupation of the highway
  • Enhance co-ordination of all activities on the highway
  • Obtain greater control of all activities on the public highway
  • Minimise/avoid/manage delays to all road users
  • Encourage collaborative activities between all activity promoters
  • Enhanced cross-boundary co-operation
  • Greater control of timing of activities
  • Reduce instances of customer complaints regarding road and street activities
  • Public transport benefits which come from more structured and coherent engagement with all stakeholders at all stages of the activities life cycle.
  • Demonstrate parity for all activity promoters
  • Enhance reliability of activities taking place at a particular time.

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