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Tyne and Wear Homes - Homefinder

The team are currently processing applications received on 31st July 2022 onwards, unless your circumstances have changed since you submitted your application please do not contact us at this time as we are working hard to process applications.  We will send you an email once you register your on line application which will give you the details for any additional information we require.  If you are able to attach this to your application this will allow the Homefinder team to process your application more quickly. 

Please note - applicants can upload their own documents such as photographic ID / proof of address onto the system, you do not need to send them via email or post, please login to your account to upload documents. (If you have attached these documents to your application you do not need to also email them). 

If you need to contact the Homefinder Team regarding your housing application, in the first instance, please email tyneandwearhomes@northtyneside.gov.uk, you can also call the team on 0345 2000 102 between 10am and 3pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday or Wednesday between 1pm and 4:30pm. 

Homefinder North Tyneside is part of Tyne and Wear Homes, a partnership between North Tyneside Council, South Tyneside Homes, Your Homes Newcastle and Gateshead Housing Company

The Homefinder Team are able to provide housing advice to existing or potential residents of North Tyneside, the team process all applications to be rehoused in North Tyneside, we may contact you to discuss your application and request further details about any medical conditions which are affected by your current home.  

For further information about Homefinder, Tyne and Wear Homes or to register for rehousing you must complete an online application form please visit www.tyneandwearhomes.org.uk.

Please note the Homefinder Team are currently working from home and can be contacted:

By post: Block A, The Killingworth Site, Harvey Combe, Killingworth, NE12 6QQ

By telephone 0345 2000 102.
Or  Email: tyneandwearhomes@northtyneside.gov.uk

If you have an application already active and registered you can also up load any documents direct onto your housing application.

If you are interested in renting a home with North Tyneside Council our homes are advertised via the Tyne and Wear Homes’ scheme www.tyneandwearhomes.org.uk

Find out more about our Lettings Policy


What is Tyne and Wear Homes?

Tyne and Wear Homes is a Choice Based Lettings scheme that enables you to apply for an affordable home to rent from across the sub-region.

What is a Choice Based Lettings scheme?

A Choice Based Lettings (CBL) scheme allows you to search for, apply for and bid for social rented properties in your area. When you have found a property you are interested in you can make a bid. The property will then be offered to the applicant with the highest priority.

Is the scheme just for North Tyneside?

No, the scheme advertises properties from across Tyne and Wear – Gateshead, Newcastle, North Tyneside and South Tyneside, however each partner has their own lettings policy which they will use to assess your application

What types of properties are available through the scheme?

We aim to offer a range of housing options, tenures and landlords. All available properties will be advertised weekly on the Tyne and Wear Homes’ website 

If I join the scheme, how long will I have to wait for a property?

This will depend on the banding you are placed in and the number of properties that become available and are suitable to meet your housing needs.

What is the website address for Tyne and Wear Homes?

The website address is. www.tyneandwearhomes.org.uk.

How to apply?

You will need to complete an application form via Tyne and Wear Homes’ website 

Before you apply it’s a good idea to write down your budget so you know what type of property you can afford and apply for. Look at what your current outgoings are and how much money you have left to spend on rent.

Unless your situation has changed please do not contact us to ask when your application will be active, we aim to complete the assessment of your application within 15 working days.

I’ve completed my application – what now?

We aim to assess your application within 15 working days, once we have received your application we may write to you to request some further information or documents from you, including :

  • Photographic ID - Main and joint applicants are required to provide a photograph of themselves. examples include a valid passport or driving licence. If this is unavailable then please provide a close up photograph of your head and shoulders. You should be on your own with no other objects or people. You should be facing forward with a neutral expression, with nothing covering your face and without any head coverings (unless it is worn for religious or medical reasons). 
  • Proof of address -  examples include: utility bill from current address, bank statement or valid driving licence
  • National Insurance Number - HMRC letter, Payslip, National insurance card or PIP award letter.
  • Proof of financial resources - examples include P60, current payslip, bank statement
  • Confirmation of nationality and immigration status
  • Details of unspent convictions
  • Details of previous / current tenancies for the last six years
  • Interest on capital and interest and / or equity in a property 
  • Proof of resident children - examples include a copy of Child Benefit award Letter or a recent bank statement in PDF form (we do not accept screenshots of your bank account)
  • Proof of Pregnancy - MATB1/written confirmation of pregnancy from a medical professional, confirming estimated due date.

Please note - applicants are now able to upload their own documents such as photographic ID / proof of address onto the system, you do not need to send them via email or post.

What types of checks do you carry out as part of the application process?

The following checks will be carried out by requesting a reference from your current or previous landlord regarding tenancies which you have held in the last 12 months: 

  • Any evidence of anti-social behaviour, harassment or relevant criminal activity
  • Any current or previous rent arrears or outstanding housing debt owed
  • Whether you can afford your current home 
  • Any current or previous breaches of tenancy
  • Any current or previous damage to the property

Following the assessment of your application, you will receive a letter which states:

  • Your registration date
  • Which lettings policy your application has been assessed against;
  • The band that your application has been placed in and the part of our lettings policy which this relates to
  • The date you were placed in the band
  • Which property types you can apply for

Once you have been notified that your application has been processed you will be able to bid on available properties.

I have been asked to provide more information to support my application – how long do I have?

Applicants have 21 days to provide the requested proof(s) in support of their application. Please note failing to complete your application within 21 days will result in the application being closed

How do I transfer to another Council home?

If you wish to move to another Council home within the North Tyneside borough you will need to apply for rehousing through Tyne and Wear Homes

Once you have submitted your application an appointment will be made for the Transfer Officer to inspect your home to ensure it meets the moving out standard.

To be eligible to transfer to another Council home you must adhere to the obligations of your tenancy agreement which include ensuring your rent account is clear and that you have reported any outstanding repairs.

If your property does not meet the moving out standard you will be given 28 days to bring your property up to standard and another visit will be conducted by the Transfer Officer, If you do not allow the Officer access or your property remains in a poor condition we will close your application.

Am I eligible?

To join the scheme you must first meet our eligibility requirements. Once you have received a conditional offer on a property this may be subject to more checks. Find out more below.

Who is eligible to join the scheme?

Any person over 18 can register unless you are:

  • A person from abroad who is not already a secure or introductory tenant or an assured tenant of housing accommodation, allocated by a Local Housing Authority and is ineligible because they are either: a. subject to immigration control and not in a class prescribed as eligible by the Secretary of State or b. in a class prescribed by the Secretary of State as ineligible.
  • Treated as ineligible by the Authority due to ‘unacceptable behaviour’.

We also accept 16-17 year olds if you are:

  • Homeless and in priority need;
  • A child in need;
  • Pregnant or a parent with a dependent child.

I work for North Tyneside Council, can I join the register?

You can join the register but a Senior Officer will need to authorise any offer made if you are an:

  • Employee of North Tyneside Council or any partner agency 
  • Elected member of North Tyneside Council;
  • Family of an employee or Elected Member.

Do I need to provide a reference?

If you have held a tenancy previously you will be asked to provide a reference from your current / previous landlord(s).

1 reference from your current landlord will be required if you are a tenant that has lived at the same address for 12 months

2 references are required if you are a tenant that has lived at your present address for less than 12 months, one reference from your current landlord and one from any previous landlord 

What would make me ineligible?

You may be assessed as ineligible if:

Any applicant or member of the household has been guilty of unacceptable behaviour in or around the property or in the locality of the property and the level of behaviour is serious enough to make the applicant unsuitable to be a tenant under the scheme or In the circumstances at the time of the application being considered, the applicant is unsuitable to be a tenant by reason of that behaviour.

I am homeless and ineligible to join the Housing Register – am I eligible for any assistance?

If you have been accepted as homeless and in priority need but are not eligible to join the Housing Register, you will not be able to bid for any homes.  You will be made one direct offer of a home.  The Council will aim to make you an offer within 4 weeks of being accepted as homeless.

I am a home owner – can I join the housing register?

You will be considered to have the financial resources to meet you own housing needs unless:

  • You are at risk of homelessness or deemed to be in financial hardship;
  • You are aged 60+ and would like to move into older person’s accommodation, and the equity from the sale of your property is less than 110,000

Other exceptional circumstances may apply

I have sold or transferred my property within the last 3 years, how will this affect me?

The Authority will need to check whether the equity from your sold or transferred property is greater or less than the average house price of a similar property in the Borough.

If it is found to be more, you will be deemed to have the financial resources to meet your own housing needs. If it is found to be less, you will eligible to join the scheme

What do the priority bandings mean?

When you register to apply for a home your circumstances will be assessed to determine your housing need. You will be allocated 1 of 6 bandings. These tell us how high a priority your application should be given. Applicants in Band 1 are deemed to have an urgent and high housing need and so receive the highest priority whilst those in Band 6 have the lowest.

What is a ‘local connection’?

A ‘local connection’ is where an applicant has a connection with the Borough because :

They have been resident in the Borough, continuously for at least the last 2 Years

  • They are permanently employed in the Borough or are moving to the Borough for permanent employment
  • Of family associations with others living in the Borough. A family member or family association is defined as parents, grandparents, children, brothers or sisters, stepparents, grandchildren, aunts or uncles. Family members must have lived in the Borough continuously for the last 2 years
  • The applicant was / is a member of the Armed Forces or former Service Personnel and the application is made within five years of discharge or where a bereaved spouse or civil partner of members of the Armed Forces is leaving Service Family Accommodation, following the death of their spouse or partner or where a serving member or former member of the Reserve Forces who needs to move because of a serious injury, medical condition or disability sustained as a result of being in the forces
  • They have been accepted as a priority homeless applicant in North Tyneside and the Authority has a duty to re-house them
  • Special Circumstances - Under special circumstances where an applicant has no local connection, a local connection priority may be awarded. Special circumstances may include the need to be near a special medical or support service within the Borough or the applicant or a member of their household is confirmed by the National Witness Mobility Scheme as being on a Witness protection Scheme

Can I still apply if I don’t have a ‘local connection’?

Applicants without a local connection are still eligible to apply, however to make best use of our housing stock we are prioritising applicants with a local connection to ensure we can meet their housing needs within the Borough.

How do I report a change in circumstance?

You must notify North Tyneside Council’s Homefinder Team in writing of any change to your circumstances as changes may affect your banding and a property offer can be removed if it is based on inaccurate information, your application will be closed and you will need to re-apply using your previous login details, this can include moving home, someone moving in or out or any other change to your housing situation

I have been asked to renew my application – why?

All applicants are required to renew their application on an annual basis. Once notification to renew has been received you will have 28 days to respond. Failure to respond will result in your application being removed from the housing register. Your application will be reassessed and you may be asked to provide up to date evidence in support of your housing need for example if you had a medical condition which was affected by your home is this still  the same  

I have received notification that my banding priority is due to be reassessed – why?

Due to the urgent and high nature of Bands 1 and 2, applicants within these Bands will be reassessed after 3 months of the priority award date.

Homeless applicants owed a full housing duty will be made a direct offer of accommodation 

Can someone else bid on a property on my behalf?

Yes, as long as you give permission a family member, carer or support worker may bid on your behalf.

I am pregnant - how many bedrooms can I apply for?

During your application assessment your unborn child will be taken into account in determining your household’s requirements.

Priority (if any) will not be awarded until your child is born.

I have a pet – which types of property can I apply for?

Please check the property advert carefully for any restrictions on pets before you bid.

Who is eligible for a bungalow?

Bungalows will be allocated to applicants aged 60 and over unless they are purpose built for disabled applicants.

Some bungalows may be let to applicants aged 60 and under if we haven’t been able to allocate the property to an applicant meeting the qualifying age criteria.

Who is eligible to live in a North Tyneside Living property?

These properties are exclusively for people aged 60 and over. If you are applying as a couple and only one of you is over 60, the tenancy will be granted as a sole tenancy to the applicant who is over 60 or whose circumstances have led to the allocation of the home.

Can I apply for a flat or a maisonette if I have children?

Applicants with children under 10 are not eligible for flats with shared/communal entrances. However, this does not apply to applicants who have overnight sharing access or shared residency of children.

I share custody of a child – can I have an additional bedroom for when they stay?

This will depend on whether there are already other children permanently living in your household. If there are, no additional room will be allocated and the children will be expected to share.

Current Tenants of North Tyneside Council 

North Tyneside tenants that live in a flat / maisonette above ground floor level where the property isn’t lift serviced with a child aged 5 and under experiencing accessibility issues due to the stairs, may be awarded a higher priority for re-housing, in order to qualify for this banding applicants must have a local connection and will result in a Band 3 (medium housing need) being awarded.  

North Tyneside Tenants wishing to move into a smaller home may qualify for additional priority

Tenants of North Tyneside Council are not allowed to register for rehousing unless they have lived in their current home for 12 months or more, unless there has been a significant change to your circumstances this could include a change in your income, household make up or any other exceptional circumstance 

Changes to Tyne Wear Homes

The way you view and bid for homes is changing.

The Tyne and Wear Homes partnership, which has been a central point for social housing applications and advertising in the region since 2012, is going to end. Going forward, each local authority will aim to have their own website by winter 2022. 

This will improve customers’ experience, by giving partners the flexibility to adapt and develop their services, to support their housing applications and lettings processes on a local basis.

Next steps

There are no changes to our current services so customers should continue to use the Tyne and Wear Homes website to apply for housing and manage their housing application.

Local authorities and their housing providers are working together to make sure future changes are introduced smoothly for customers. 

There is no need for customers to contact us. Local authorities and their housing providers will share further updates on future changes so customers are kept up to date. You can also view frequently asked questions below.

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