Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)

Do you run a business in North Tyneside?

North Tyneside Council is looking for various contractors; from cleaners and glaziers, to landscapers and locksmiths. 

There’s a wide range of opportunities to deliver jobs valued between £50 and £5,000 across the borough in schools, commercial buildings, and homes. 

Jobs will be awarded on the Council’s Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS). Currently there are opportunities for cleaners, glaziers, landscapers, landscape engineers, locksmiths, tilers, security contractors, and scaffolders.

Working with smaller, local providers gives greater flexibility, quality of service and competitive rates. Once registered and approved in the DPS, contractors can bid for jobs for three years.

If you haven't already, register for the DPS in three simple steps:

1. Register your business on the procurement portal
2. Register for the opportunity 
3. Fill in the selection questionnaire and submit

How does the DPS work?

  1. When jobs become available you (along with other providers) will be invited to quote for the job
  2. Submit your price and confirm your availability
  3. The preferred provider is appointed

Register on the procurement portal

If you're not already signed up to North Tyneside Council's DPS, the first step is to register your business on the procurement portal.

Help, advice and support

Jobs will be available to all registered suppliers and North Tyneside Council cannot limit the number of companies each job is open to.

Suppliers can choose to respond to every opportunity available, or can choose not to proceed with quotes due to capacity/skills/accreditation etc.

The DPS will be continually open for new applicants and new businesses to the market, so there is no strict deadline (at this time) to adhere to. There is no obligation to accept work.

The first stage of the DPS is a compliance check to ensure suppliers meet the minimum requirements; from holding relevant qualifications to having approporiate documentation such as health and safety. More technical information may be required on a case by case basis and for complex jobs questions may be asked about how the job will be delivered.

Once the form filling is complete, the DPS will open up a wide range of opportunities to small local businesses.

North Tyneside Council’s business team can also provide limited support to businesses in the borough to further their knowledge of the procurement process. The Business Factory, North Tyneside Council’s business growth programme, offer a range of 1-2-1 support and workshops which help businesses widen their knowledge on public sector procurement, development of the key documentation required, and completion of bid documents.

For businesses interested in the above, please visit https://businessfactorynt.co.uk/business-growth/ or call 0191 605 3110.