Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)

Do you wish to do Business with the Authority?

The Authority is looking for various suppliers to provide works, services or goods when required and uses an electronic tendering portal, the NEPO Portal, for issuing, receiving Tender as well as applications and quotes relating to the DPS via this system.

For information on the NEPO Portal go to NEPO (North East Purchasing Organisation) using the link: Tender and contract opportunities | North Tyneside Council.


The DPS allows the Authority the flexibility to appoint and utilise suppliers to either supplement our current Frameworks (FW’s) and Contracts due to resource issues at busy times or for any other requirements not covered by the main FWs and Contracts.

Businesses can apply for any of the DPS’s at any time for the full duration of the DPS. There is a two stage process.

Stage 1 – Application process

Prices are not required at this stage, this is for compliance checking only.  You must download and complete a questionnaire and state which Lots you are interested in providing works, services or goods depending on the DPS.  You must provide all the supporting information required when you submit your fully completed questionnaire.

You will be advised after this stage if you are successful or what you need to do to achieve a successful application.

Stage 2 – requesting quotes (Mini Competitions)

Mini Competition, every successful supplier in any Lot will receive a notification (via email) advising the Authority requires a price for a particular piece of work, service or goods,  if your interested in submitting a price for the requirement you must do so by the deadline stated, if, however, your too busy or unable to do the work for another reason, you can ‘opt out’ and this will not affect your status on the DPS, you can submit a response or opt out as required without effect for the duration of the DPS.

The successful and unsuccessful bidders for the Mini Competition will be notified of the outcome.

Further and more detailed information relating to the DPS and applying is in the attached guide along with details about finding opportunities on the NEPO Portal.


If you haven’t already, register for the DPS in three steps:

Register your business and use the NEPO Portal for free https://procontract.due-north.com/Login

Register for the opportunity (refer to the guide attached)
Complete the questionnaire and provide any required supporting information

For all other current opportunities go to

Tender and contract opportunities | North Tyneside Council 


Help, advice and support

North Tyneside Council’s business team can also provide limited support to businesses in the borough to further their knowledge of the procurement process. The Business Factory, North Tyneside Council’s business support programme can offer businesses in the borough limited support to help businesses widen their knowledge on public sector procurement, development of the key documentation required, and completion of bid documents; this includes workshops and some 1-2-1 support for large value contracts.

For businesses interested in the above, please call 0191 643 6409 or visit https://businessfactorynt.co.uk/