Walking in North Tyneside

Wellbeing Walks

Get out and about; walk more and feel the difference..

A great opportunity to socialise safely and meet new people with similar interests.

Why is walking the perfect activity for health?

  • Almost everyone can do it
  • You can do it anywhere at anytime
  • It’s free and you don’t need special equipment
  • You can start slowly and build up at your own pace

Regular walking will help you feel good, reduce your blood pressure, reduce your stress levels, keep your heart strong, improve your sleep patterns and help to manage your weight.

Learn more about walking opportunities in North Tyneside on the Active North Tyneside website.

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The historic 19th century Waggonways network was once used to haul coal to ships on the River Tyne from dozens of coal mines in the borough, but had fallen into disrepair over many years.

In 2000 we transformed more than 30 miles of routes as part of the Government's Liveability Fund. To help you explore, a series of walks are available to download.

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Heritage walks and trails

The best way to explore the fascinating history of North Tyneside is on foot on our heritage walks.