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The Housing Strategy team looks at housing needs across the borough both now and in the future. The team uses data supplied by government, the census and from the housing register to assess these needs. The information is used closely with planning to see where housing of all types and tenures will be built. One of the biggest problems faced is finding suitable sites on which to build.

North Tyneside Council have produced a Housing Strategy with a vision to ‘Build a Better North Tyneside’ It sets out our direction for the next five years and outlines how we can achieve our vision by working together to improve the housing situation for our current and future residents.

There are 5 delivery themes that were developed following consultation with a range of stakeholders, partners, and residents.  It is closely linked to the Our North Tyneside Plan.

  1. Delivering Affordable Homes and Support Regeneration plans
  2. Prevent Homelessness and Improve our Specialist Housing Offer
  3. Improve the Private Rented Sector and Tackle Derelict Properties
  4. Lead the Way – Greener Homes to Support Carbon Zero by 2030
  5. Support our Tenants and Residents and Improving Our Communities


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Enabling is the strategy team working with a range of partners in the public and private sector who may be able to help us provide homes. Most of these homes are likely to be built for various forms of home ownership allowing people to meet their aspirations. Others will be for rent in the social sector for those who cannot afford to buy in the open housing market.

Enabling is not only about building new properties. The team will work across housing tenures to find solutions to improve existing housing.  We work with owners to bring their properties back into use and with private landlords to help them improve their management standards. We also look at converting unused or under used properties into smaller units so that we can provide more homes for people to live in. Where possible we will help to support the community to find their own solutions.

Contact us

For further information the Housing Strategy Team can be contacted on housingstrategy@northtyneside.gov.uk.