Spirit of North Tyneside

What is the Spirit of North Tyneside?

Since March, residents, businesses and the community and voluntary sector have all stepped up in times of need, helping to ease the burden of the Covid-19 pandemic on everyone affected.

So that is why North Tyneside Council and local voluntary organisation VODA have come together to create the ‘Spirit of North Tyneside’ as part of a commitment to recognising the outstanding achievements of our borough.

Spirit of North Tyneside aims to acknowledge and celebrate all of the people who have helped to make a difference, whether that is going the extra mile to support vulnerable residents or a community effort, whether it be a random act of kindness, signing up to volunteer, or developing a new scheme to support people who were shielding.

We want to hear about any story, no matter how big or small, so that we can give our residents an opportunity to thank anyone who has helped them during these difficult months.


How do I nominate someone?

If you have a story from yourself, or someone you know, that you feel deserves to be recognised, you can tell us about it by filling in the form at this link, or by emailing the information to SpiritOfNorthTyneside@northtyneside.gov.uk.

While we are unable to hold an event at this time, we will be sending our written thanks to every nominee.