Spirit of North Tyneside

What is the Spirit of North Tyneside?

Welcome to the Elected Mayor’s Spirit of North Tyneside initiative.

Spirit of North Tyneside is about celebrating, and saying thank you to those who give their time and energy to supporting the people and communities of North Tyneside. 

It’s about those unsung heroes who help North Tyneside thrive and who care about people, families, communities and our beautiful borough.

That could be helping a neighbour, volunteering, setting up a local group, or random acts of kindness that make a difference to the lives of people living in North Tyneside.

We want to say a simple thank you and let them know that what they do, makes a difference and it’s appreciated.

These awards are for people that Live or work in North Tyneside and their contribution has had an impact in North Tyneside.


How do I nominate someone?

If you have a story from yourself, or someone you know, that you feel deserves to be recognised, you can tell us about it by filling in the form at this link, or by emailing the information to SpiritOfNorthTyneside@northtyneside.gov.uk.




Nominations will be split up into seven award categories:

Chair's Award for Outstanding Contribution to North Tyneside -
We want to recognise people who have shown outstanding commitment and have gone above and beyond for residents of North Tyneside or their community. 

Young Mayor's Award for Children and Young People's Outstanding Contribution to North Tyneside -
We want to recognise children and young people who have shown outstanding commitment to North Tyneside or their community. 

They may act as a role model for their peers by inspiring or leading change in their school or community.

Helping to make North Tyneside a Thriving Borough
We want to recognise the contribution made to improve places and lives in North Tyneside. 

A person might be contributing to improvement of health and wellbeing, the creation of opportunities or the improvement of spaces for people in North Tyneside. 

Caring for People in your Community -
We want to recognise people who care and support for the most vulnerable people in our communities. It might be work that doesn't usually have a high profile but who should be recognised for the great care they provide. 

Supporting Families in your Community -
We want to recognise people who support families in North Tyneside. 

This may be through facilitating a support network, providing resources or helping people access the support they need. 

Keeping North Tyneside Safe and Secure -
We want to recognise people who are doing great things to bring people together in their communities. 

They may be tackling challenging issues in creative ways to reduce fear mistrust and conflict in North Tyneside or their community.  

Keeping North Tyneside Sustainable and Green -
We want to recognise the people  who support high quality community green spaces as well as work that addresses environmental challenges.

They might be working to reduce carbon emissions or waste, to promote renewable energy or sustainable transport, to improve local green spaces or to educate others about living and working in a greener way. 

Our staff

We know so many residents, businesses and community groups come across our staff every single day. Whether that is our refuse teams collecting the bins, a social worker supporting a resident and their family, a member of our Property Services team coming to do a repair, or even just a call to our contact centre.

We want to show our staff that we appreciate the work that they do on a daily basis, so alongside our community Spirit of North Tyneside, we're also running a separate version within the organisation specifically to say thank you to staff who go above and beyond to support residents, businesses and communities.

If you've had an interaction with a member of staff and would like to nominate them for our internal Spirit of North Tyneside, you can do so below.

Nominate a member of council staff