Children and young people's mental health and emotional wellbeing


North Tyneside Council has been working together with partner organisations to develop a model to support the emotional wellbeing of children, young people and their families.

The Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Strategy sets out our ambition for the next five years, during which time we will be working together to:

  • develop resilient children, young people, and families
  • ensure easy access for children, young people and families to get the right mental health support at an early stage from universal services
  • improve access to specialist mental health services for those children and young people who are at high risk of poor mental health

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Mental health support team for schools

NHS England has set out their ambition for the next 10 years in the NHS Long Term Plan. Included in this is the development of Mental Health Support Teams for schools, featuring the new role of an Education Mental Health Practitioner. The team also includes two Primary Mental Health Workers and a Team Manager who all work into schools to deliver low and moderate intensity interventions to support pupils with low mood, anxiety and poor self-esteem.

The team supports schools to develop their whole school approach to emotional wellbeing and will signpost to other relevant services to ensure the needs of children and young people are met in a timely way.

North Tyneside’s first Mental Health Support Team is a partnership between the local authority and the CAMHS service. There will be another team starting in September 2022 and each team will be working across around 15 to 20 schools.

Barnardo’s Alliance

North Tyneside Council is fortunate to have an eight year partnership with the national charity Barnardo’s to work with the council and our partner organisations to develop our preventative and early help model for emotional wellbeing.

Central to this is developing our co-production with children and young people so they can help us to shape services and support that best meets their needs.

By the end of the programme we hope to have built capacity to improve emotional wellbeing at an earlier stage to reduce the need for more high intensity services. Barnardo’s is supporting us to evaluate the different programmes we have invested in to help us upskill professionals so they are more confident at promoting emotional wellbeing and supporting children and their families.