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2023 Review of Parliamentary Constituencies

Update 16 February 2022

Constituencies are changing - have your say now via, or at a public hearing in your region.

The Boundary Commission for England (BCE) is required by Parliament to undertake an independent and impartial review of all constituencies in England, to rebalance the number of electors in each constituency. The 2023 Boundary Review also requires that the number of constituencies in England increases from 533 to 543. The Commission is holding a secondary consultation on its initial proposals for new constituencies, which takes place from 22 February to 4 April 2022. During the consultation, public hearings will be held across the country to allow members of the public to provide their views in person.

To have your say, submit your views in writing via the consultation website, by email, or letter; or speak at a public hearing in your region. Find your nearest hearing and book a slot to speak at On the consultation website, you can also view and take into account the responses sent in during the first consultation.

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Further information and resources:

  • Boundary Commission for England website
  • Guide to the 2023 Review
  • Guide to the public hearings


The 2023 Review of Parliamentary constituencies was formally launched in January 2021. Due to population changes since the last review, the number of electors in some constituencies is much higher than in others. The Commission is required by legislation to ensure that the number of electors in each constituency is more equal; in doing so, the number of constituencies in England will increase from 533 to 543.

On 8 June 2021 the Boundary Commission for England published their initial proposals for new constituencies and have commenced an eight week consultation period, where they want people to tell them whether they agree with the proposed changes, ensuring those responses capture the views and knowledge of local residents.

Below are the proposed changes that affect the constituencies within North Tyneside.  If you wish to make comment on these proposals, at any time, you can:

Below are the current proposals for the North Tyneside Council area.



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