Council Tax Energy Rebate and Discretionary Payments

Applied but not heard anything more?

It may be the case that we have been unable to verify the bank details that you supplied with your application. This can happen under various circumstances (ie. recently opened bank accounts or banks that have not signed up to the verification process).

In this situation, we will be using the Post Office Payout Voucher scheme to enable you to receive your £150 payment from any Post Office Branch.

We will be writing to those that are affected with information on how to claim and we are aiming to do this during the week commencing 18th July 2022.

We also ultimately have the option of crediting your council tax account with £150 as a last resort to make sure you get the money that is due to you. 

Overview of the scheme

On 3 February 2022 the Government announced a one-off Council Tax Energy Rebate of £150 for households in Council Tax bands A to D. It must be your main residence as at 1 April 2022 and you must be liable to pay council tax in order to qualify.

Please note that this “rebate” will be in the form of a payment of £150 per household, paid directly into bank accounts in order to help with rising energy bills. It is not a reduction in your Council Tax bill.

Your Council Tax bill/liability will therefore remain unaltered at this stage.

We have paid over 78,000 households which is around 85% of those entitled to the grant.

The main scheme has an online application deadline date of 31 July 2022. We will then review any non-application cases up until the Government imposed payment deadline date of 30 September 2022. 


Non-direct debit payers

From the week beginning 23 May 2022, we will start to issue letters advising you how to make your claim for the Council Tax Energy Rebate. Please be aware of potential scam phone calls that will not be from a representative of the Council, unless of course we are responding to a direct enquiry from yourself.

You do not need to wait for your letter to make an application if you know your property reference number and your council tax account number, which can be found on your council tax bill. If you do not know this information, please wait for your letter as this information cannot be given out over a telephone enquiry (for security reasons).

Please be aware that you will still receive your letter in the post, even if you have made your online application in advance of receiving it. If you have already made the online application for your property, you can of course ignore the letter when it arrives.

Make a claim

Please read the "Non-direct debit payers" section above first.

North Tyneside Council is using Ascendant Solutions Ltd (trading name - to verify all our energy rebate applications.

Before you start, make sure that you have:

  • Your Council Tax property reference number and account number from your invite to claim letter, or from a recent council tax bill. Please take care to enter your 13-digit property reference number and your 8-digit account number accurately as any typing errors on these numbers will result in a mismatch and a delay in the processing of your payment. 
  • Your bank details. You will need to consent to the verification checks as part of the application.
  • You will also need an email address in order to set up an account on the system and make your claim.

When you click on the “Make a claim” button below you will need to register an account on the system. You will find the Register button towards the bottom right of the first page (or at the end of the text if you are using a mobile device).  After completing your email details, you will receive an email with a link to set your password.

Once you have set your password you can then log in to the system with your email and new password. You can then set up your account and enter your personal information (name/address etc) which will allow you to make your claim.

Make a claim

Direct debit payers

Payments of the Council Tax Energy Rebate into residents bank accounts who pay council tax by direct debit have now concluded. The bank account reference that was shown on these transactions was NTC BACS. The payments made were to support all residents in the household. If you have only recently signed up for direct debit, or if the bank account name could not be matched sufficiently with the liable party on our council tax records, then you may have now missed this automatic payment option and you will receive an application letter if appropriate (see above)

Discretionary scheme

The Government has provided the authority with a grant to make awards outside of the £150 payment, the authority has agreed:

For those on Council Tax Support on 1 April 2022, the Authority will award an additional discretionary payment to:

  • those in bands A-D, £20.00, to top up their payment from £150.00 to £170.00, and
  • those in bands E-H £170.00 so they receive the same as those in bands A-D.
  • For those in houses of multiple occupation (HMO’s) who don’t qualify for a standard £150.00 payment a discretionary award may be paid where the occupants are responsible for their own energy bills. We will contact the occupiers direct regarding this support.

Discretionary payments will be made in the same way as the standard £150.00 is being paid and will be made in the coming months.

The discretionary scheme has a payment deadline date of 30 November 2022.

Second homes and empty properties

Second homes and empty properties will not be given a rebate as part of the Government scheme.

If you don't know your council tax band

If you are not sure which Council Tax band your property is in, you can check online.

Changes in circumstances

As the effective date for the Council Tax Energy Rebate is 1 April 2022, changes made to the Council Tax band of your home after this date will not be taken into consideration. The exception to this is newly built homes that are awaiting a valuation band. In these circumstances, if the effective date is ultimately 1 April 2022 or before, then a payment could be made. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be entitled to the Council Tax Energy Rebate for the address you occupied on 1 April.
If the Valuation Office Agency provide the band prior to the scheme's deadline of 30 September 2022, you will then be entitled to the Council Tax Energy Rebate as long as the chargeable band is in A to D and it is backdated to 1/4/22 or before.
As long as we hold the information needed to amend our records by Sept’22 and any amendment is backdated to 1/4/22 or earlier, and you meet the criteria then you will be entitled to the rebate when your Council Tax account is set up.
You should supply us with the full details of occupation (names of occupiers and effective dates) so we can amend our records.

You should clarify the reason for the discrepancy in writing/email as we may need to amend our council tax records. We may be able to process a payment automatically or we may require you to complete the online application process for the Council Tax Energy Rebate payment.

No, the guidance states that one payment of £150 should be made to each household regardless of the number of liable council tax payers. The local authority is not able to split the payment down into parts. If the council tax is paid via direct debit, then the full £150 rebate should be paid into the bank account that is used to pay the council tax.  
Any new direct debit that is set up will cover current/future year instalments only. It will not be set up to cover any summonsed arrears. You will also receive a demand notice in advance of any payments being taken informing you of the amounts and payment dates.
If you live in the property (main residence) and fulfil the other qualifying criteria, then you will still be entitled to the payment. On the assumption that you won’t have a direct debit set up, we will require you to complete the online application process (see details above). If your exemption is due to the property being vacant then you will not qualify for the rebate.
We will require you to complete the online application process (see details above).
You can speak to your bank about “first right of appropriation”. This gives you the right to tell your bank/building society how you want the money paid into your account to be used. Further advice/sample letter can be found at National Debtline.