What is a Gateway?

A Gateway improvement is a highway-focussed project aimed at improving the entrance to an area. They also aim to enhance the image and quality of the public spaces as you enter a town.


Three Gateway locations were identified in the North Shields Masterplan as requiring enhancements to better define the Town and provide improved transport infrastructure whilst enhancing the adjacent public space. Each Gateway proposal aims to address different transport issues whilst attempting to bring continuity in terms of the look and feel of the town’s entrances.

Gateway 1

Located at the Albion Road / Stephenson Street junction, Gateway 1 will provide a visual indicator to traffic travelling from the east (Tynemouth) that they are entering North Shields and are encouraged to respect the presence of non-motorised users in this environment.

The enhancements will include:

  • Signal controlled pedestrian crossings on all approaches to the junction,
  • Two lanes of approach are to be provided for eastbound and westbound travel on the A193 to allow for straight ahead traffic flows whilst also accommodating turning traffic into Stephenson Street,
  • Cycling is to be improved through this location by the provision of advance stop lines on the carriageway approaches but also through off-carriageway facilities that allow users to bypass the signals and pass through the remodelled area of land at the Magistrates Court of the southeast corner of the junction,
  • Landscaping to enhance the area with an art installation,
  • A new parallel crossing on A193, east side of the Albion Road and Linskill Terrace junction, and
  • A new parallel crossing on Linskill Terrace.

Gateway 2

Gateway 2 aims to provide a visual link between the Fish Quay quarter and the coastal active travel routes to the east of North Shields. The road circulating Fiddlers Green will become one-way to improve safety when crossing, retain parking, and maintain servicing access to the Quay.

The enhancements will include:

  1. Improved connectivity between North Shields Promenade and the Fish Quay for pedestrians and cyclists,
  2. A new raised crossing/traffic calming measure between Fiddlers Green and the Fish Quay footpath,
  3. Cycle provision will run along the southern perimeter to segregate it from pedestrians with improved crossings at both ends, and
  4. Fiddlers Green will be landscaped with a wide footpath through the centre, seating, an art installation and an area that could be used for small-scale events.

Gateway 3

Gateway 3 is located at the roundabout that connects westbound lane of Prudhoe Street to Trinity Terrace on the south side of the junction.

High quality palette of materials proposed for use in the public realm to create a space which emphasises to all highway users that the location is a gateway to the town.

The enhancements will include:

  • Resurface the entire junction,
  • Installation of raised zebra crossings and new pedestrian guardrails, and
  • The use of high-quality materials on the Prudhoe Street corner to include planting and an art installation.