Middle Engine Lane: Sustainable Travel Improvements


North Tyneside Council secured funding from the Government’s Active Travel Fund (ATF), which supports local authorities in the delivery of cycling and walking improvements along key commuter routes.

The public was invited to take part in a six-week online consultation exercise in summer 2021. This included a scheme focused on sustainable travel improvements along Middle Engine Lane.

The improvements make the route safer, encourage active and sustainable forms of travel, and reduce journey times for cyclists, helping to work towards North Tyneside being carbon net-zero by 2030.

How and when were the works carried out?

The scheme involved the installation of segregated cycling facilities and improved crossing points on Middle Engine Lane, between Churchill Street at Willington Square Interchange and Cobalt Park Way.

The works were delivered by the council’s partner Capita and reached completion in October 2022. 

It involved the installation of wands (highly visible plastic bollards), orcas (small rubber dividers at ground level) and new road markings to provide segregated cycling facilities.

Three pedestrian refuge islands – two at the Middle Engine Lane/Cobalt Park Way junction, near the Bentley car garage, and one at the entrance to Kwik Fit – were also widened to accommodate both pedestrian and cycle use, as well as section of footpath on Churchill Street, near Willington Square Interchange.




More information

During the scheme, regular project updates were provided within the "Your Sustainable Schemes Update". The latest edition is below.

For queries relating to this project, please email: sustainabletravel@northtyneside.gov.uk or Tel: (0191) 643 6500.

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