Cancelling your Contours membership

If you wish to cancel your Contours membership you must give 28 days notice in writing.

Please submit your notice to us by post or email using the below details:

Contours Membership Team
The Killingworth Site
Block A
Station Road
NE12 6QQ


If you have a 12 month contract, you can cancel anytime after the 12th payment by submitting your 28 days notice. 12 month memberships are subject to terms and conditions which mean 12 payments must be made before you can cancel your membership. Early cancellation will be considered for illness, injury, moving out of the area or for severe financial difficulty. If you fail to let us know that you want to cancel your membership it will continue on a rollover basis each month. If you have a non-contract membership, you can cancel anytime after your first Direct Debit payment has been taken by submitting your 28 days notice. 

If you have an injury or illness, move out of the area, or suffer financial hardship and need to cancel your membership early, you will need to provide 28 days written notice and evidence to support your reasons.


Making a payment for your Contours membership 

You can make payments for your Contours membership online by selecting 'Pay any council invoice' on the North Tyneside Council 'pay for it' page, or by calling 0345 2000 107.