Winter gritting

Gritting routes

View priority routes and grit bins - the Highways Agency is responsible for the A19.

Please note, the green box indicate locations of a gritting bin.

When we grit

We make decisions on:

  • forecasts for each day
  • information about road surface temperatures
  • road temperature sensors

If necessary, we salt 240 miles of priority routes across the borough.

We get our forecasts and information from MeteoGroup - Europe's leading private weather company.

How we treat roads and paths

When treating roads and paths we:

  • use salt as a de-icing agent (the most cost effective means of treatment)
  • pre-salt and apply rock salt to roads to prevent frost and ice forming on the surface
  • do so in advance of frosty conditions (normally between 6pm and 10pm)
  • pre-salt depending on road surface temperature, dampness, air temperature and humidity
  • apply salt between 4am and 8am, following rain through the night that may have washed the salt off the carriageway
  • prioritise main roads first

During long periods of frosty weather, and if we have the resources, we try to treat pathways near schools and sheltered accommodation.

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