Support for schools

Our aims


  • aim to provide healthy well-balanced menus that pupils and staff will enjoy.
  • know that good nutrition and productive learning go hand in hand
  • understand the enormity of the responsibility we have in contributing towards the health and wellbeing of our young people
  • are aware that education in this area is key
  • aim to give as much classroom support as possible
  • believe that by working together and pooling resources we can increase young people's interest and awareness of what they are putting into their bodies and how it affects them

School councils

Communication and consultation is key to providing a catering service that meets childrens' needs. Your school council is an ideal platform for catering service to discuss new menu ideas, take valuable feedback on the service provided, and trial new products and promotions. Our catering supervisor / manager would be happy to attend these meetings on a regular basis.

Parent evenings

Parents evenings provide a great opportunity to promote the school catering service and to highlight the health and educational benefits of staying for a school lunch. Tasting stations can be used to provide samples of food to parents, so that they can see the quality of the foods, first hand. Menus, healthy eating information and important information on free school meals can also be distributed.


Governors have a role in ensuring that the school complies with a healthy eating policy and therefore should be kept fully informed on any developments concerning the schools' catering service. Catering services would be happy to speak to your board of governors, or arrange an informal tasting session.


We will happily pass on any of our recipes to you with an explanation of how we have adapted them to improve their nutritional value.

Please contact Catering Services for more information.

Themed sessions

We can devise a menu in line with cultural awareness education and can even theme the dining room to complement this.

Tasting stations

Our tasting stations are also an excellent educational tool which allow children and parents to sample school food. These can be used to promote healthy meal ideas and encourage children to explore a variety of foods.

Small Steps For Life

Are you getting involved with the NHS Small Steps for Life campaign?

Let us know what healthy eating challenges you are setting and we will work with you to ensure success!

Contact us

If you have any questions or feedback about school meals in North Tyneside, please contact:

Catering Services
Telephone: (0191) 643 8355