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We manage 48 allotment sites. If you apply for a direct let plot, we will add your contact details to our waiting lists.

Apply for a plot at the Redhouse Farm Allotment Society (RHFAS) website (inc Redhouse extension) .

Apply at

To find out your position on the Redhouse Allotment list (only) please log in to their website.

The wait for an allotment plot is at least 3 years from the date of application, this is the case on all sites that North Tyneside Council manage.  In some areas the wait is considerably longer as there are over 1200 people waiting for one of the 1300 plots.

There are also 13 self managed allotment sites that are managed by an association or committee. If you are applying for a self managed allotment site, we will pass your details to the association (a third party) who will add you to their waiting lists. If you don't want your details to be passed to the association don't apply for one of these sites.

Email for more information.

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