Report problems with roads, pavements and traffic

Report problems with roads, pavement and traffic.

Use this form to report problems with:

  • potholes
  • flooding and drainage issues
  • verges and footpaths
  • traffic and utility works
  • road signs
  • road safety

A pothole 40mm or greater in depth in a road may constitute a safety hazard and should be repaired.

A crack in the pavement or an uneven or rocking flagstone greater than 20mm (the same as the diameter of a 1p coin) may constitute a safety hazard and should be repaired.

Dropped kerbs

Any access onto a public highway, from a residential or commercial driveway, should have a vehicle access crossing - commonly known as a dropped kerb.

Dropped kerbs prevent damage to the vehicle and footway, make the presence of a drive more obvious and help protect any utility services that may be beneath the footway surface.

Capita provides highway services on behalf of North Tyneside Council and can install a dropped kerb - usually within 30 days of the request.

You will need planning permission for a dropped kerb if you live on a classified road (A, B or other main road) or in a property where permitted development rights have been removed.

If you choose to employ your own private contactor, you must ensure they are qualified and accredited.

You can contact the Highways team about dropped kerbs, Tel: (0191) 643 4815.

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