How to vote

Find out about different ways of voting

Most people vote in person at a polling station.

However if you are not able to do this or if it is going to be inconvenient you can vote by post or get someone to vote on your behalf - a proxy.

You can find out more about casting your vote and the methods available.

You can also download an application form at the above link to request a postal or proxy vote.  The completed form should be returned to Electoral Services, Quadrant East, The Silverlink North, Cobalt Business Park, North Tyneside NE27 0BY  or you can scan and e mail to us at

If you are applying for a postal or proxy for a specific election please note that there will be deadlines to return this form - see our webpages on specific elections for more details.

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Support for Disabled Voters

We are committed to supporting disabled people to vote in elections and can support disabled voters in a number of ways.

  • In addition to being able to vote by post, disabled voters can register to vote by proxy.
  • Every polling station will have an accessible entrance and a wheelchair accessible polling booth.
  • Large print sample ballot papers and tactile voting devices are available to assist voters with visual impairments.
  • Someone can help you vote if you need them to.  This can be the Presiding Officer at your polling station, a family member, friend or support worker, as long as they are 18 years old or over and eligible to vote in the election.
  • Polling station staff can give you a tour of the station before you vote so you can familiarise yourself with the station.

Mencap are keen to encourage people with learning disabilities to use their vote.  The Mencap website gives some useful information about voting including easy to read guides.

If you wish to read more, please visit the Electoral Commission