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2014 local election results

Political make-up after this vote

Liberal Democrat
Political make-up after this vote
Party Number of councillors
Labour 44 Councillors
Conservative 12 Councillors
Liberal Democrats 4 Councillors

Vote information

Vote information
Eligible electors Votes cast Turnout
158,324 55,498 35.05%

Battle Hill

Local election results for Battle Hill 2014
Candidate Party Vote
Dave McGarr Labour Party 1,149
Chris Croft Independent 793
Phyllis Eleanor Masters UK Independence Party (UKIP) 518
John Thomas Snowdon Conservative Party 207

Labour Hold - Majority: 356


Local election results for Benton 2014
Candidate Party Vote
Peter Gerard Earley Labour Party 1,691
David McGrogan Conservative Party 774
Frederick Battey UK Independence Party (UKIP) 535
Tim Wall Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts 81

Labour Hold - Majority: 917


Local election results for Camperdown 2014
Candidate Party Vote
Anne Arkle Labour Party 1,391
Brian Clarke UK Independence Party (UKIP) 696
Ian Wallace Conservative Party 268

Labour Hold - Majority: 695


Local election results for Chirton 2014
Candidate Party Vote
Margaret Reynolds Labour Party 1,234
Stephen Brand UK Independence Party (UKIP) 585
Heather Sarin Conservative Party 232
Amanda Normand  Independent 165

Labour Gain - Majority: 649


Local election results for Collingwood 2014
Candidate Party Vote
Stephen Lawrence Cox Labour Party 1,401
Stephen Symington UK Independence Party (UKIP) 681
Christopher Johnston Conservative Party 671
Dave Taws Independent 103
Pat Briscol Liberal Democrat 86

Labour Hold - Majority: 720


Local election results for Cullercoats 2014
Candidate Party Vote
Ken Barrie Conservative Party 1,425
Matthew Brian Thirlaway Labour Party 1,268
Stewart Hayes UK Independence Party (UKIP) 642

Conservative Hold - Majority: 157


Local election results for Howdon 2014
Candidate Party Vote
Maureen Louise Madden Labour Party 1,343
Robert Dixon Mather UK Independence Party (UKIP) 699
June Smith Liberal Democrat 144
David Jonathan Griffith-Owen Conservative Party 130

Labour Hold - Majority: 644


Local election results for Killingworth 2014
Candidate Party Vote
Linda Darke Labour Party 1,453
Billy Couchman UK Independence Party (UKIP) 627
Karen Johnston Conservative Party 552

Labour Hold - Majority: 826


Local election results for Longbenton 2014
Candidate Party Vote
Joan Isabel Walker Labour Party 1,580
Margaret Smith UK Independence Party (UKIP) 634
Robin Arthur Underwood Conservative Party 314

Labour Hold - Majority: 946

Monkseaton North

Local election results for Monkseaton North 2014
Candidate Party Vote
Leslie John Miller Conservative Party 1,218
William David Samuel Labour Party 1,037
Stephen Borlos UK Independence Party (UKIP) 466
David Nisbet Liberal Democrat 185

Conservative Hold - Majority: 181

Monkseaton South

Local election results for Monkseaton South 2014
Candidate Party Vote
Ian Raymond Grayson Labour Party 1,466
George Partis Conservative Party 1,163
Gary Matthew Legg UK Independence Party (UKIP) 603

Labour Hold - Majority: 303


Local election results for Northumberland 2014
Candidate Party Vote
Marian Huscroft Liberal Democrat Focus Team 868
Andy Newman Labour Party 847
Mark Bickerton UK Independence Party (UKIP) 529
Jessica Erin Jaye Bushbye Conservative Party 84

Liberal Democrat Focus Team Hold - Majority: 21


Local election results for Preston 2014
Candidate Party Vote
Kate Osborne Labour Party 1,172
Glynis Barrie Conservative Party 988
John Clark UK Independence Party (UKIP) 545

Labour Hold - Majority: 184


Local election results for Riverside 2014
Candidate Party Vote
Bruce Pickard Labour Party 1,377
Bob Sword UK Independence Party (UKIP) 656
Barbara Ellen Stevens Conservative Party 236
William Jarret Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts 74

Labour Hold - Majority: 721

St Mary's

Local election results for St Mary's 2014
Candidate Party Vote
Pamela McIntyre Conservative Party 2,035
David Richard McMeekan Labour Party 648
Elizabeth Mary Borlos UK Independence Party (UKIP) 450
Michael Day Liberal Democrat 162

Conservative Hold - Majority: 1,387


Local election results for Tynemouth 2014
Candidate Party Vote
Sarah Day Labour Party 1,621
Linda Arkley Conservative Party 1,584 
Marianne Follin UK Independence Party (UKIP) 458

Labour Hold - Majority: 37


Local election results for Valley 2014
Candidate Party Vote
Brian Burdis Labour Party 1,366
Angie Potter UK Independence Party (UKIP) 683
Alan Furness Conservative Party 364 

Labour Hold - Majority: 683


Local election results for Wallsend 2014
Candidate Party Vote
Linda Isobel Bell Labour Party 914
Margaret Anne Finlay Liberal Democrat Focus Team 858
Frank Rogers UK Independence Party (UKIP) 441
Martin Collins Green Party 131
John McGee Conservative Party 86

Labour Hold - Majority: 606


Local election results for Weetslade 2014
Candidate Party Vote
Joanne Cassidy Labour Party 1,445
Irene Davidson UK Independence Party (UKIP) 839
Andrew Charles Elliott Conservative Party 659
Lynne Julie Sample Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts 43

Labour Hold - Majority: 606

Whitley Bay

Local election results for Whitley Bay 2014
Candidate Party Vote
Margaret Hall Labour Party 1,514
Frank Stephen Austin Conservative Party 856
Henry Marshall UK Independence Party (UKIP) 369
John Christopher Appleby Liberal Democrat 108
Carlos Caldeira Independent 55

Labour Hold - Majority: 658