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How we can help

An independent visitor is a volunteer who offers support and friendship to looked after children and young people with little or no family contact.


  • keep in touch with others who have a responsibility for you
  • listen to you and respect your confidence
  • ensure that your views are heard and considered
  • keep basic notes of each time we speak with you
  • help you with relationships

Could you be an Independent Visitor for a child or young person living in care?

An Independent Visitor (IV) is a volunteer who spends time with a child or young person living in care on a regular basis.

We are seeking volunteers to become consistent adults for children and young people in a befriending role.

Typically, an IV’s visit their child or young person twice per month, spending time with them, listening and encouraging them to try new things outside of their home. Most of all, visits should be fun and help young people develop to reach their potential.

Training and support are offered to assist you in the role, and activity expenses will be covered.

"I’d recommend being an Independent Visitor to anyone.  I’m loving it!  For me, I get to be a 'fun Auntie', spending time with a special girl who I like to think of as my 'bonus niece'.  I don’t have kids, but I’ve got spare time on my hands to go out and do some fun things.  This has been a fantastic opportunity to develop a relationship with a young person who is in care. 

I hope that I am a good influence on her, but we always end up eating and filling up on sugar on our trips out. She might not be a good influence on me or my waistline!”

(Pam, a current Independent Visitor who is supporting a 12 year old)

To find out more about this volunteering role email or call 0191 643 4087

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