Climate Emergency

In July 2019 North Tyneside Council declared a Climate Emergency. The Our North Tyneside Council Plan 2021-25 has the stated ambition that;

“We will publish an action plan of the steps we will take and the national investment we will seek to make North Tyneside carbon net-zero by 2030.”

North Tyneside Council recognises that the climate emergency challenge must be tackled at a number of different levels, with the combined effort of government, businesses, stakeholders and individuals. As an organisation, the Council’s carbon footprint is less than 2% that of the Borough, so it is essential to develop a collaborative approach to the challenge.

In September 2023 Cabinet approved a Carbon Net-Zero 2030 Action Plan. A link is provided below. 

If you require any further information relating to this report or North Tyneside Council’s approach to carbon management, please contact Paul Nelson 

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