Cremations in North Tyneside

Cremations normally cost less than a burial and are now the most popular choice. A cremation can't take place unless a Coroners Cremation 6 Certificate or a Registrars Certificate of Burial or Cremation has been issued.

Families have the choice of two crematoria in North Tyneside:

  • Tynemouth Crematorium (in the grounds of Preston Cemetery, North Shields)
  • Whitley Bay Crematorium (within Whitley Bay Cemetery near the turning for St. Mary’s Island)

Both crematoria offer cremations with 45 minute time slots, giving families a full thirty minutes chapel time. We understand that families and friends may want to spend time together immediately after the service, but as neither facilities have separate entrances and exits, we respectfully ask that mourners move away from the chapel first so they don't impact on other funeral services.

Services can be arranged from Monday to Friday, plus some Saturday mornings at an additional cost. It may also be possible to book a longer service time if the following timeslot is free at the time of booking. There is an additional fee for this.

Due to strict emissions legislation there are restrictions on the type of coffins, linings and varnishes or paints allowed. The deceased should be clothed in natural fibres and nothing containing PVC (including shoes), plastic or copper should be placed in the coffin.

We understand it can be difficult deciding what to do with the ashes after the cremation. We are happy to hold on to the remains for 7 days from the date of cremation whilst you decide.

The other options for disposal are:

  • scattering in the Garden of Remembrance – you can book a witness scattering through your Funeral Director or by contacting the office at Preston Cemetery telephone (0191) 643 6070.  If the scattering is to go ahead with nobody attending we will liaise with your Funeral Director prior to carrying this out.

  • removal by representative – your funeral director can collect the remains and pass them on to the person who made the funeral arrangements (the ashes will leave the crematorium in a biodegradable box)

  • burial of ashes – some families already have a family grave plot or purchase a small plot for the ashes to be buried in (there are costs attached to this option)

  • scattering in a garden or other location (permission may be needed to scatter ashes in some locations and you must take care when scattering ashes so other members of the public aren't distressed or offended)

In all cases, your funeral director needs to know your wishes before they submit the necessary paperwork to us.

If you're arranging the cremation without a funeral director, call us on (0191) 643 6070. We'll help you complete the forms.

We also need to know of any particular music requests at least 48 hours before the funeral takes place. Normally your funeral director will help you with this detail.

On the day of the cremation, we'll display a flower card inscribed with the name of the deceased in the designated area, so mourners can view their floral tributes after the service. At Tynemouth the flower cards are displayed in the Garden of Remembrance. At Whitley Bay they are displayed around the crematorium itself.

We leave floral tributes on display for seven days. If there are any sympathy cards attached to the funeral flowers which you'd like to keep, you should remove them within six days of the funeral. Please inform your funeral director if you want the sympathy cards returned to you.

Fees and charges

Cremation fees
Service Mon to Fri Sat *

Cremation of stillborn child, or a child up to (but not including) 18 years at the time of death

No charge
Cremation of a person aged 18 years or over at time of death £863 £1,1,06
Cremation of a person aged 18 years or over at time of death; 09:00 am only, 20 minute time slot £612.90 Not available
Cremation of a person aged 18 years or over at time of death; 08:30 am only, no service (Direct cremation) £537.90 Not available
Medical Referees fee £34 £34
Extended use of crematorium chapel
(per 30 minutes)
£90 £127
Supervision and registration of the scattering of cremated remains on a grave space £45
Subject to availability - price on application
Storage of Cremated remains for each additional month (or part thereof) after the first month £47  
Packing and despatch of Cremated remains within the UK At cost plus establishment charges N/A

*During permitted hours