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2016 local election results

Battle Hill

Local election results for Battle Hill 2016
Candidate Party Vote
Jessica Erren Jaye Bushbye Conservative Party 507
John David Hoare Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 169
Carl John Johnson Labour Party 1,914

Turnout 32.03%


Local election results for Benton 2016
Candidate Party Vote
David Michael Arthur Independent 380
George Mann Partis Conservative Party 530
Maureen Gallon UK Independence Party (UKIP) 304
Pat Oliver Labour Party 1,849

Turnout 39.67%


Local election results for Camperdown 2016
Candidate Party Vote
David Alan Sarin Conservative Party 240
Paul Bunyan Independent 790
Jim Allan Labour Party 1,457

Turnout 31.80%


Local election results for Chirton 2016
Candidate Party Vote
Yasmin Catherine Lisa West Conservative Party 213
Norman John Morse UK Independence Party (UKIP) 581
John James Stirling Labour Party 1,270

Turnout 26.12%


Local election results for Collingwood 2016
Candidate Party Vote
David Andrew Taws Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 49
Lewis James Austin Conservative Party 779
Sylvia Marie Simpson UK Independence Party (UKIP) 546
Debbie Cox Labour Party 1,463

Turnout 34.47%


Local election results for Cullercoats 2016
Candidate Party Vote
George Crighton Westwater Conservative Party 1,526
Phyl Masters UK Independence Party (UKIP) 375
Karen Veronica Lee-Duffy Labour Party 1,897

Turnout 50.48%


Local election results for Howdon 2016
Candidate Party Vote
Timothy Peter Wall Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 69
David Jonathan Griffith-Owen Conservative Party 155
Robert Dixon Mather UK Independence Party (UKIP) 446
John Hunter Labour Party 1,562

Turnout 28.42%


Local election results for Killingworth 2016
Candidate Party Vote
Karen Jane Gabrielle Johnston Conservative Party 441
Brian Needham UK Independence Party (UKIP) 459
Gary Bell Labour Party 1,791

Turnout 32.84%


Local election results for Longbenton 2016
Candidate Party Vote
Robin Arthur Underwood Conservative Party 468
Eddie Darke Labour Party 2,087

Turnout 31.09%

Monkseaton North

Local election results for Monkseaton North 2016
Candidate Party Vote
Alison Austin Conservative Party 1,507
David Nisbet Liberal Democrat 205
Stephen Borlos UK Independence Party (UKIP) 245
Willie Samuel Labour Party 1,313

Turnout 47.41%

Monkseaton South

Local election results for Monkseaton South 2016
Candidate Party Vote
Sean Michael Brockbank Conservative Party 1,317
Julia Anne Erskine Green Party 268
Gary Matthew Legg UK Independence Party (UKIP) 444
Naomi Louise Craven Labour Party 1,351

Turnout 45.08%


Local election results for Northumberland 2016
Candidate Party Vote
Miriam Mary Smith Conservative Party 137
Nigel John Huscroft Focus Team 1,217
Joe Kirwin Labour Party 988

Turnout 35.45%


Local election results for Preston 2016
Candidate Party Vote
Glynis Barrie Conservative Party 1,085
Sheena Mary Patterson UK Independence Party (UKIP) 347
Catherine Davis Labour Party 1,402

Turnout 42.79%


Local election results for Riverside 2016
Candidate Party Vote
Maureen Jeffrey Conservative Party 240
Neil Mather UK Independence Party (UKIP) 470
Frank Lott Labour Party 1,411

Turnout 26.19%

St Mary's

Local election results for St Mary's 2016
Candidate Party Vote
Judith Anne Wallace Conservative Party 2,383
Hugh Jackson UK Independence Party (UKIP) 339
Theresa Maltman Labour Party 904

Turnout 52.73%


Local election results for Tynemouth 2016
Candidate Party Vote
David Wallace Lilly Conservative Party 1,401
Henry Marshall UK Independence Party (UKIP) 301
Jean Frances McLaughlin Independent 570
Frances Helena Weetman Labour Party 1,563

Turnout 45.69%


Local election results for Valley 2016
Candidate Party Vote
Joseph Alan Furness Conservative Party 376
Elizabeth Mary Borlos UK Independence Party (UKIP) 476
Tommy Mulvenna Labour Party 1,501

Turnout 27.83%


Local election results for Wallsend 2016
Candidate Party Vote
Claire Julia Griffith-Owen Conservative Party 101
Margaret Anne Finlay Liberal Democrat 950
Jane McEachan UK Independence Party (UKIP) 275
Gary Anthony Madden Labour Party 1,144

Turnout 31.49%


Local election results for Weetslade 2016
Candidate Party Vote
Andrew Charles Elliott Conservative Party 731
Irene Winifred Davidson UK Independence Party (UKIP) 608
Anthony William McMullen Labour Party 1,577

Turnout 37.26%

Whitley Bay

Local election results for Whitley Bay 2016
Candidate Party Vote
Frank Stephen Austin Conservative Party 822
David Cory UK Independence Party (UKIP) 242
Colin Finlay Liberal Democrat 140
Sandra Maria Graham Labour Party 1,792

Turnout 41.19%