Strategy and procedures

Procurement strategy

Our procurement strategy provides us with a clear vision, and sets out the strategic aims which will direct and govern procurement over the next four years. It is aimed at:

  • customers
  • elected members
  • partners who work with us to commission and deliver services
  • the business community
  • our officer team

It also references some of the technical aspects of procurement.

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Tender documentation

Standard documentation that we use when undertaking a tendering exercise include:

  • method statement
  • general conditions of contract (must be included with every tender) either:
    • general conditions for supply of services
    • general conditions for supply of goods
  • specific terms and conditions (should be reviewed on a case by case basis and used when relevant)
  • form of tender - tenderers are required to sign this, stating they are making a formal offer which is legally binding (this must be returned with the tender documents)
  • non-collusive tendering certificate - tenderers are required to sign this, confirming that they haven't colluded with any other company when making their proposal (this document must be returned with the tender documents)
  • articles of agreement - this is the document signed by representatives of the Council and the successful supplier which makes the contract binding

If there is a need for a contract in your area please email us at

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Standing orders with respect to contracts

The purpose of standing orders is to set clear rules for the procurement of goods, works and services for the Council.

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North Tyneside's Responsible Procurement Charter

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