Cabinet members and responsibility
Member Portfolio Key areas of responsibility
Dame Norma Redfearn DBE Elected Mayor
  • Overall strategic policy direction
  • National and regional engagement
  • Leadership within the North of Tyne Combined Authority
  • Devolution and development of the new Mayoral Combined Authority
  • Leadership of the North Tyneside Strategic Partnership
  • Law and democracy
Councillor Carl Johnson Deputy Mayor
  • Delivery and presentation of strategic policy direction
  • Regeneration and economic development
  • Corporate strategy (including customer service)
  • Planning and strategic transport
  • Culture, tourism and events
  • Delivery of the investment programme
  • Community and voluntary sector

Councillor Anthony McMullen

Cabinet Member responsible for Finance and Resources

  • Finance, ICT and HR
  • Audit, assurance and risk
  • Asset and property management
  • Procurement and supply chain (including the Capita and Equans partnerships)
  • Delivery of the investment programme
Councillor Janet Hunter

Cabinet Member responsible for Adult Social Care

  • Adult social care and safeguarding
  • Carers' champion
  • Older people’s champion
Councillor Steven Phillips Cabinet Member responsible for Inclusion, Employment and Skills
  • Ambition for education
  • Inclusive economy strategy
  • Employment and skills

Councillor Karen Clark

Cabinet Member responsible for Public Health and Wellbeing
  • Health and wellbeing: Joint strategic needs assessment and Health and Wellbeing Strategy
  • Public health and tackling socio-economic inequalities
  • Community safety and tackling anti-social behaviour
  • Public protection
  • Emergency planning and business continuity
Councillor John Harrison Cabinet Member responsible for Housing 
  • Housing strategy
  • Housing management
  • Housing investment
  • Affordable homes programme

Councillor Sandra Graham

Cabinet Member responsible for the Climate Emergency

  • A Green North Tyneside
  • Tackling the climate emergency
  • Delivering the North Tyneside climate emergency plan
  • Cycling Champion
Councillor Hannah Johnson 

Cabinet Member responsible for the Environment

  • Delivering great places to live - stewardship of our communities
  • Waste management
  • Environmental and local transport services (including roads, pavements, parking, and the Capita partnership
  • Sport, leisure and libraries
  • Equality and diversity strategy
Councillor Peter Earley

Cabinet Member responsible for Supporting and Protecting Children

  • Children and young people's plan
  • Safeguarding and children's services
  • Young people's champion