Cabinet members and responsibility
Member Portfolio Key areas of responsibility
Norma Redfearn Elected Mayor
  • Overall Strategic Policy Direction
  • National and Regional Engagement
  • Leadership within the North of Tyne Combined Authority
  • Devolution
  • Leadership of the North Tyneside Strategic Partnership
  • Law and Democracy
Councillor Carl Johnson Deputy Mayor
  • Delivery and Presentation of Strategic Policy Direction
  • Regeneration and Economic Development
  • Corporate Strategy (including Customer Service)
  • Planning and Strategic Transport
  • Culture, Tourism and Events
  • Delivery of the Investment Programme

Councillor Martin Rankin

Cabinet Member responsible for Finance and Resources

  • Finance, ICT and HR
  • Audit, Assurance and Risk
  • Asset and Property Management
  • Procurement and Supply Chain (including the Capita and Equans Partnerships)
  • Delivery of the Investment Programme
Councillor Anthony McMullen

Cabinet Member responsible for Adult Social Care

  • Adult Social Care and Safeguarding
  • Carers' Champion
  • Older People’s Champion
Councillor Hannah Johnson Cabinet Member responsible for Inclusion, Employment and Skills
  • Inclusive economy strategy
  • Equality and Diversity Strategy
  • Employment and Skills

Councillor Karen Clark

Cabinet Member responsible for Public Health and Wellbeing
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and Health and Wellbeing Strategy
  • Public Health
  • Tackling Socio-economic inequalities
Councillor John Harrison Cabinet Member responsible for Housing 
  • Housing Strategy
  • Housing Management
  • Housing Investment
  • Affordable Homes Programme

Councillor Sandra Graham

Cabinet Member responsible for Environment

  • A Green North Tyneside
  • Waste Management
  • Environmental and Local Transport Services (including roads, pavements, parking, and the Capita Partnership)
  • Cycling Champion
  • Sports, Leisure and Libraries
Councillor Carole Burdis 

Cabinet Member responsible for Community Safety and Public Protection

  • Community Safety and Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Public Protection (including Capita Partnership)
  • Emergency Planning and Business Continuity
  • Community and Voluntary Sector

Councillor Steven Phillips

Cabinet Member responsible for Children, Young People and Learning 
  • Education
  • Safeguarding and Children's Services
  • Young People's Champion